Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha kidney donor twist

Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha kidney donor twist

Pandya Store Upcoming Natasha kidney donor twist Dhara asks Prerna to sleep in her room. Krish feels scared to share the room with Shweta. Prerna tells that he won’t go to Shweta. Dhara tells that she has already given the sleeping medicine to Shweta. She thinks Shweta would have fallen asleep till now. Krish asks what if Shweta is awake? Prerna tells that she will go back to Canada if Krish goes to share the room with Shweta. Gautam comes there. Dhara tells that Krish and Prerna will also sleep in their room. Chiku reaches there with Shesh and Mittu. Krish hides Prerna. Dhara makes excuses to send the kids away. Chiku asks if they all can sleep outside like Dev, Shiva, and Krish used to sleep in childhood. Dhara gets reminded of their childhood and cries emotionally. She wants the kids to bond well.

Later, Shesh makes a plan and goes to trouble Natasha. Chiku and Mittu accompany him. They splash water at her, just like she had done earlier. Natasha falls sick. Krish and Gautam rush Natasha to the hospital. Shweta accompanies them. Shweta admits her to the hospital. Rishita scolds Chiku for crossing all limits of mischief and troubling Natasha. She tells that if anything happens to Natasha this time, then she will not leave him. Dhara asks Chiku why is he breaking the family when he had promised that he will take care of everyone when they come to live with them. She feels ashamed of Chiku.


Chiku tells that he didn’t do anything. Dhara asks him not to talk to him again. He promises to never do this again. He tells that he loves his brothers, and wants them to stay alone. Dhara tells that Natasha is his sister. She asks Chiku to stay in the room and not come out until she returns home. Rishita and Dhara reach the hospital. Rishita cries while meeting her daughter. She asks the doctor about Natasha’s condition. Dhara consoles Rishita. Shweta leaves them with Natasha and goes out. Dhara tells Natasha that she will be fine soon. The doctor reveals Natasha’s kidney failure and the need for an urgent kidney transplant. The Pandyas receive a shock and get tense about finding the donor for Natasha. Who will be the donor for Natasha? Keep reading.


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