Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd March 2023 Written Update Ranbir and Prachi realize that they both are a part of Khushi’s life. Khushi introduces them as Shiv and Parvati. She calls them cute. Laali tells that she is Khushi’s Maai. She asks Prachi to keep the money. She thanks her for getting gifts for her. Ranbir asks her what is she doing with Khushi. Prachi gets an urgent call. She tells that she will meet Khushi later. Laali tells that she will think and tell her decision soon. Prachi asks her to think of Khushi’s betterment. Ranbir is surprised to know that Prachi is interested in adopting Khushi.

He asks Laali about Prachi’s offer. Laali tells that Prachi gave the same offer as him. Prachi learns that even Ranbir wants to adopt Khushi. They both want to do something and adopt Khushi before they lose Khushi. Ranbir doesn’t want Prachi to take Khushi with her. Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir to get Khushi. She makes a leave. Ranbir asks Laali not to consider Prachi’s offer. Laali tells that she will think well and tell him. She asks him to learn how to please like Prachi pleased her by getting gifts.


Ranbir asks Khushi if she wants to stay with him in his house. Laali calls him stubborn. She asks him to go if he has come empty-hand. Ranbir makes a leave. Laali is glad that two rich people are interested in adopting Khushi. The goons follow Akshay. The cab driver finds a car following. He tells Akshay about the car following. Ranbir comes at the same point. Akshay gets to see the goons and tells that something is fishy. Ranbir takes his car back to give a way to the cab.

The goons attack Akshay and try to rob his bags. Ranbir finds Akshay in trouble. The cab driver runs away. Ranbir goes to help Akshay. Akshay asks Ranbir to relax. He throws a stick and hits the goon on his neck. He catches the goons. He snatches their car keys and throws them away. He gets into a fight with the goons. Ranbir doesn’t understand what is going on when the goons steal Akshay’s shoes along with the bags. Akshay gets his shoes back. The goon goes to hit on Akshay’s head. Ranbir sees this and beats the goon. He asks what is happening. The goon tells that Akshay is carrying gold.

Akshay introduces himself and thanks Ranbir for help. He asks Ranbir not to interfere in anyone’s matter. He advises Ranbir to just sit and watch the action. He handles the goons alone. Ranbir wonders if Akshay is a gold smuggler. The police reach there. Akshay thanks the inspector for coming. Ranbir tells the inspector that Akshay is running away with some gold. The goons get a chance and run away. Inspector suspects Akshay. Ashok gets a shocking call about Akshay’s arrest.

Prachi calls him and asks about buying a bouquet for Akshay. He asks her to reach the police station, and Akshay is arrested. She asks the reason. He tells that he will come with the lawyer soon. Prachi heads to the police station. Akshay is in lockup. He asks Inspector to free him. Inspector shouts at him. He thinks Akshay is doing illegal smuggling. Akshay defends himself.

Inspector tells that he will not spare anyone from a rich family. He asks Akshay to arrange a lawyer for himself. Akshay asks him to pass his shoes at least. Inspector yells at his request. Prachi reaches the police station. She informs Ashok that she has reached the police station, and she will help Akshay. He asks her to keep Akshay calm. He tells that he will get a lawyer, and the police would have some misunderstanding. Ashok meets with an accident. He tells Prachi about the accident, the car got damaged, he is okay but he will need time to come to help Akshay.

He asks Prachi to handle Akshay’s matter herself. Prachi rushes inside the police station. She takes Inspector’s permission and meets Akshay. He tells her that he was stopped on the way, two cars blocked him and robbed him of his bags and shoes. He complains about Ranbir. He tells that three men looted him, inspector thinks he is a culprit and arrested him. He asks for Ashok. She tells that Ashok is coming. He tells that he landed in jail soon after he landed in the city. She speaks to the inspector. She asks about the charges on Akshay. Inspector tells that gold smuggling is a serious crime.

She defends Akshay, who is already super-rich. She tells that Akshay doesn’t need to smuggle gold. Inspector tells that Akshay was adding up money to his accounts, he is greedy and he was smuggling shoes. He tells that Akshay’s bagpiping is made of gold, and his shoes also had gold biscuits in them. She calls it wrong. She doesn’t believe it. She tells that if Akshay got the gold from London then the airport authorities would have not spared him.

Inspector says he has a prime witness, who said two gang members were fighting for a bag. She tells that Akshay is innocent. Inspector tells that he is just doing his duty, and if Ranbir takes the complaint back, then Akshay will get released. She tells that she will speak to Ranbir once. Akshay tells her that Ranbir is totally mad. Inspector tells the name of the person, Ranbir Kohli. Prachi is stunned.

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