Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update

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Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update Malishka enters the kitchen when she doesn’t find anyone inside. She checks the kheer prepared by Lakshmi. She thinks the kheer is still uncooked, which means Lakshmi didn’t taste it yet. Lakshmi thinks of tasting the kheer once before serving it to everyone. Malishka adds something to the kheer and spoils it. She tells that she will add the liquid into the kheer, when Lakshmi tastes the kheer, the latter will consume the liquid as well.

She smiles thinking of the good results. She says that Lakshmi dared to kiss Rishi, and now she will bear the punishment. Lakshmi tastes the kheer. Malishka keeps an eye on her. She tells that Lakshmi’s lips will get totally dry, and she won’t be able to repeat her mistake. The Oberois get to see Lakshmi’s face when she gets the kheer to serve them. Malishka plans her revenge. Keep reading for a full written update coming soon.

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th March 2023 Written Update:

Rishi is on the way. He plays the radio. He likes a romantic song and tells that it’s Lakshmi’s favorite song. He remembers Lakshmi. Ayush calls him and asks what he is doing, and if he is with Lakshmi. Rishi says that he is listening to Lakshmi’s favorite song. Ayush asks him to listen to it when he is with Lakshmi. He informs that the meeting got canceled. Rishi tells that he will return home. Ayush teases him and asks him to back to Lakshmi. Leela calls up Rishi and asks him about fixing a meeting with the two prospective grooms. Rishi tells that he isn’t convinced. Leela says Rishi won’t compromise on anything because it’s about Lakshmi’s future. She wants to find the perfect guy for Lakshmi.

Malishka enters the kitchen and checks the food prepared by Lakshmi. She tells that kheer isn’t prepared, which means Lakshmi didn’t taste it yet. She adds some liquid to it and tells that Lakshmi’s lips will get dry and swollen for a week. She doesn’t want Lakshmi to dare to kiss Rishi again. Suhani reaches there and appears shocked. Malishka wonders if she has heard everything. Suhani hears her words and asks her why is she adding the chemical to the kheer. She threatens of telling everyone about Malishka’s crime. Malishka catches her and threatens her. Lakshmi goes to the kitchen to check the kheer.

Malishka tells that she will send Suhani to jail by charging her with theft, then Suhani won’t get a job anywhere. She asks her to decide if she wants to tell the truth and land in jail. She tells that Suhani will be safe if she stays silent. Neelam reaches there. Malishka fears that Neelam can see that chemical bottle. Dadi asks Lakshmi if she has made the kheer. Lakshmi tells that she has prepared it, but won’t give her much kheer, because she is diabetic. Dadi asks her to give a small bowl of kheer. She takes Lakshmi with her. Malishka hides the chemical bottle from Neelam. She takes the bottle, and the chemical gets spilled into coconut milk. Malishka keeps an eye on Suhani. Suhani doesn’t tell anything to Neelam. Neelam tells that she is making a coconut milk smoothie.

Shalu and Bani think of opening Rano’s cupboard and taking the money to teach her a lesson. They are angry that Rano sold Lakshmi to Balwinder for the sake of money. Malishka thinks she is safe. She wishes Lakshmi gets the lesson of a lifetime. She wants Lakshmi to taste the kheer and feel the pain. She wonders how Lakshmi will look with swollen lips. She laughs imagining Lakshmi with dry swollen lips. She tells that Lakshmi will look funny. She thinks why did Neelam come to the kitchen?

She doesn’t want Neelam to fall into trouble. Rano comes back and looks for her cupboard keys. She finds the keys in Shalu’s hands. Shalu gives the keys to her. Rano asks her if they have opened the cupboard. Bani asks her to check the cupboard if she wants. Rano tells that she trusts them. Bani asks her to always keep the faith. Rano sends them outside. She tells that she doesn’t trust Shalu and Bani. She thinks to check her cupboard later. Neelam makes the smoothie for Malishka. She asks Suhani to get the food outside. Lakshmi reaches there and apologizes to Neelam for coming her way.

She thinks of tasting the kheer. Suhani grows worried for Lakshmi. She stops Lakshmi and tells that she has to say something. Malishka scares Suhani. Lakshmi sends Suhani outside. She thinks of not tasting the kheer and thinks of taking it to Dadi first. Suhani tells that Dadi wants to have lunch. Lakshmi knows Dadi is eager to have kheer. Malishka thinks someone else will fall prey to her plans. The entire family gathers for lunch. Rishi tells Virender that his meeting got canceled.

Malishka gets afraid that Dadi might fall sick, then Neelam and Virender will never accept her as bahu. Neelam asks Lakshmi to sit and have food. Malishka tries to get the kheer someway and throws it. Virender and Dadi argue for kheer first. Malishka intervenes and snatches the kheer from Dadi’s hands. She throws the kheer bowl down and apologizes to her. Dadi tells that she wanted to have the kheer. Malishka tells that she didn’t mean to do that. Karishma asks Dadi to forget it. Virender asks Dadi to have food, and Lakshmi makes kheer once again. Lakshmi tells that she will make the kheer even tastier.

Neelam asks Malishka not to say sorry when it happened by mistake. She asks Suhani to get the smoothie. She tells Malishka that she has made it, especially for her. Malishka gets happy. She tells that she can’t have it because Dadi’s favorite kheer fell because of her. Karishma asks her not to feel guilty. Dadi tells Malishka that she has forgiven her. She asks Malishka to have the smoothie. Malishka likes the smoothie and drinks it. Her lips get swollen suddenly. The family is shocked to see the reaction on her face.






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