Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update Leap intro

Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update Leap intro

Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update Leap intro After getting free from the evil duo Natasha and Roxy, Karan and Preeta spend some peaceful moments. Karan tells her that if a person loves something with all his heart, then the entire universe conspires to help him achieve it. Preeta happily smiles. Luthras get to see the Manali fire incident news. The reporter tells that the wanted criminals Natasha and Roxy had got arrested, and they had lit a fire in the resort to harming Karan and Preeta but were unsuccessful in their attempt. Luthras are worried for Karan and Preeta.

They get to see Karan, Preeta, Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti on the news channel. They find Karan safe. Kareena calls Rishabh and asks him to make Rakhi talk to Karan immediately. She says that Rakhi has been crying since he left for Manali. Karan and Preeta talk to Rakhi and tell her that they are safe. Rishabh asks Rakhi not to worry because he is getting Karan and Preeta home. The Luthras wait for Karan and Preeta’s return. they have a happy family union. In the next scene, the short leap is shown. Karan and Luthras rush a nine-month-pregnant Preeta to the hospital and expect good news to come any moment.


Karan tells Preeta that nothing will happen to her, they have reached the hospital, and everything will be fine in some hours. Bani and Rakhi encourage Preeta to stay strong and not take any sort of tension on her mind. The family wishes Preeta all the best. Karan tells Preeta that he loves her a lot. The doctor takes Preeta inside the OT.

Karan gets to see Nidhi in the same hospital and goes to ask if she is okay. He is shocked to see Nidhi attending Anjali. He asks what happened to Anjali. Nidhi tells him that Anjali met with an accident and she has been in a coma for the past nine months. Karan gets disheartened and feels sorry for Anjali and Nidhi. Preeta delivers her twins, which doubles the happiness in the Luthra family.

Kundali Bhagya 4th March 2023 Written Update Leap intro:

Kritika asks the family if they have seen the breaking news. She plays the news. She tells the elders that Roxy and Natasha have got arrested. The family gets worried watching the news. They get to see their children fine and safe. They wish their children always to stay well. Mahesh tells that Rishabh should have called them by now. Neha thanks Karan and Preeta for saving their lives. Mahesh calls Rishabh and asks if everything is fine. Rishabh tells that everything is okay.

Rakhi speaks to Rishabh and asks about Karan and Preeta. Rishabh asks Rakhi to see her children and relax. Karan and Preeta tell that they have dealt with Roxy and Natasha. Kareena asks them to come back home. Rishabh tells that Karan and Preeta will handle everything. Rakhi asks them to come back home, and let Karan and Preeta stay there for some more days. Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti decide to leave for home. Nidhi sees the shocking news and worries for Karan and Preeta. She hopes they are okay. She calls them but fails to get through. She wishes they don’t face any problems.

Shrishti books the flight tickets. The manager apologizes to them that he didn’t realize about Roxy and Natasha’s criminal background. He asks Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti to stay back if they want. He assures them that he will arrange rooms for them. They refuse to stay back. The manager tells Karan that he will take him to their newly arranged room. Nidhi calls Rishabh and enquires about Karan and Preeta’s safety. Rishabh tells that they are okay. Karan and Preeta also speak to Nidhi and thank her for the concern. Rishabh, Sameer, and Shrishti leave. The manager asks Karan and Preeta to come and see their new room.

Karan and Preeta like their new room. They finally get some time alone on their honeymoon. Karan and Preeta’s romantic moments are seen. The Luthras wait for Karan and Preeta’s return. Rishabh comes home. The family tells that they are awaiting Karan and Preeta. Soon, Karan and Preeta arrive. They get a warm welcome from the family. Kareena tells that Rishabh had filed the case against Roxy and Natasha, and they will not get free from jail this time. The family blesses Karan and Preeta to have kids. Kavya demands a brother. Preeta asks Shrishti why is she teaching such things to Kavya.

Kritika tells that Karan and Preeta will have twins this time. Karan tells Preeta that he wants to make his family happy, and he wants twins to bring double happiness. Kavya spends time with them. Karan expects good news to come. After a few days, the Luthras get rejoicing about Preeta’s pregnancy. The doctor confirms Preeta’s pregnancy. The family congratulates Karan and Preeta. As months pass, the Luthras are seen having light moments of fun and love. Kavya takes care of Preeta. Karan also pampers Preeta. He says that his kids will be on his team, but he is on her team. Preeta feels blessed that everything is going smoothly. She wishes no trouble comes their way.


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