Sasural Simar Ka New entry Simar meets real Aarav

Sasural Simar Ka New entry Simar meets real Aarav

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Sasural Simar Ka New entry Simar meets real Aarav Simar wants her answers from Matarani. She recalls Aarav’s strange behavior. She wants to know the reason behind his change. She feels Aarav isn’t her Aarav. She gets a strange intuition that the person living with her isn’t Aarav. She tells Matarani about the conflict between her heart and mind. She isn’t able to think of anything else. She can feel the changes in him, that her heart has felt.

She asks Matarani to help her, if she has got Aarav from the dead or if is it someone else. She tells that she will go mad thinking about Aarav’s odd behavior. She asks Matarani to just help her by showing her the right path. Aarav arrives at the temple. He reaches Simar and protects the flickering diya to help her. Simar gets to see the real Aarav. Is the new guy entering Simar’s life the real Aarav? Keep reading.

Pandya Store:

The entire family gets to see Prerna in the house. They aren’t aware of Dhara’s plans to support Krish and Prerna. They rush Natasha to the hospital, where shocking news awaits them. They learn about Natasha’s kidney failure. Natasha needs kidney transplant surgery to be done urgently. The Pandyas get to face a new problem. Dhara has promised Suman that she will not let any of the Pandya leave the house.

She struggles to support Shiva, Krish, and Dev, along with their spouses. She finds it hard to keep them under the same roof in Shweta’s presence. Rishita blames Shweta for spoiling Natasha’s health. Shweta tells them that she had tried to look after Natasha in the best way possible. She asks the Pandyas to not put any effort into saving Natasha. She adds that she will handle the matter and save her daughter. The family feels threatened by Natasha’s ill condition. What will they do to save Natasha’s life? Keep reading.






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