Udaariyaan Spoiler Harleen big revelation 4th March 2023

Udaariyaan Spoiler Harleen big revelation 4th March 2023

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Udaariyaan Spoiler Harleen big revelation 4th March 2023 Udaariyaan Biggest twist Harleen and Advait’s marriage truth gets known to the world. Nehmat and Ekam’s problems go on increasing. Harleen feels helpless when she finds Ekam’s tearful eyes owing to the sorrow of Nehmat hurting his heart repeatedly. Ekam isn’t able to forget Nehmat and move on in his life. He is trying to keep his commitment to Harleen. He has agreed to marry Harleen on Renuka and Nehmat’s insistence, but he isn’t able to stop worrying about Nehmat. Harleen realizes Ekam and Nehmat’s true love and feels she is being unfair towards them when she can solve their problem in a second.

Ekam meets Advait at Kapoor’s mansion and confronts him about attempting to kill Nehmat. The entire Kapoor family witnesses their argument. Advait gets provoked by Ekam’s words and admits that he had tried to kill Nehmat. Shamsher and Rama worry. Advait says that nobody can do anything now because he has become an MLA now. He tells Ekam that he will kill Nehmat, but he will put the crime blame on Ekam. He threatens of framing Ekam in Nehmat’s murder case. He tells that he can do anything he wants.

Ekam gets raging at Advait. They both get into a fight. Ekam angrily slaps Advait. Advait complains about Ekam to his seniors and gets Ekam suspended. Commissioner tells Ekam that he has ruined his life and career because of his grudges. He suspends Ekam from his duty. Ekam has no regrets because he wants to protect Nehmat, with or without the power of his uniform. Nehmat and Harleen get the news that Ekam lost his position and rank in the police department. Harleen gets mad at Advait, on learning that the latter is responsible for Ekam’s problems.

She makes the biggest revelation in front of the media that she is Advait’s legal wife, and his marriage with Nehmat is void. Nehmat reads the news headlines. She learns that Advait is blamed for polygamy. She further reads that Harleen Ahluwalia is Advait’s first wife. Nehmat is moved on knowing that Advait and Harleen are married. Harleen tries to malign Advait’s image to get Ekam back in his position. Harleen does her part to help Ekam and Nehmat. Will she unite them by freeing Nehmat from an unwanted marriage? Keep reading.






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