Anupama 5th March 2023 Written Update Huge Drama

Anupama 5th March 2023 Written Update Huge Drama

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Anupama 5th March 2023 Written Update Huge Drama The drama doesn’t end when Maya changes the direction of the argument towards Kavya. Maya tells them that Anirudh wants Kavya to leave Vanraj and come back to him. Leela and Vanraj want an answer from Kavya. Maya apologizes to Kavya. She tells that sometimes a person hides things to not hurt the other person, Anuj has hidden this matter so that Anupama doesn’t get hurt, so they have decided to not say anything. She asks Leela to say if she doesn’t want Anupama and Vanraj to get back together. She questions their hidden desires.

She asks Vanraj if he never felt Anupama should return to his life. She asks them if they aren’t thinking wrong. She justifies that everyone thinks the same. She refers to Anuj and herself as a couple, who had decided to keep the matter under wraps. Maya tells that she is wrong, but Anuj is questioned. She doesn’t want anyone to say anything to Anuj. She defends Anuj. Anupama looks at Anuj. Leela tells that it might be their plan to justify their affair. Anupama asks Leela not to say a word about her husband.

She tells that she will not tolerate anything against her husband. She asks Shahs to stay out of her matter. She advises Leela to handle her family. Hasmukh asks Anupama not to let Maya spread the poison in her family. He says that he is always with her in every decision. Anuj gets glad to see Anupama and Hasmukh’s faith in him. Anuj and Anupama make a leave, while Vanraj confronts Kavya about her desire to return to her ex-husband Anirudh. Vanraj asks her if she wants to return to her best friend, who understands her well. Kavya tells that she doesn’t want to go back to Anirudh, even when Anirudh loves her a lot.

She states that she doesn’t love Anirudh. She tells that Maya was wrong and used this matter in her favor. She doesn’t think she should say anything to Vanraj. He tells that she did well by exposing Anuj’s true face in front of Anupama. He wants problems to crop between Anupama and Anuj. The family discusses Anuj and Maya’s affair news. Dimple supports Maya. Pakhi scolds her for supporting Maya. Dimple tells that she loves Samar because love can happen anytime, Maya might have fallen in love with Anuj, its one-sided.

Anupama and Anuj have silence forming between them. Vanraj tells that Anuj is also proved imperfect, and now Anuj has fallen into everyone’s sight. Kavya tells him that Anuj is a good husband. She has exposed Maya’s truth to save Anuj and Anupama’s marriage. Vanraj tells that Anuj has cheated on Anupama. He thinks Anuj and Maya have an affair. Kavya wants to protect Anupama. Vanraj tells that Anuj and Anupama’s marriage fell into danger. Kavya grows worried that she caused harm. Kinjal, Pakhi, and Dimple argue about Maya and Anupama. Pakhi asks Samar to not take Dimple’s side because Dimple is against Anupama. Adhik asks them not to fight. Leela asks Dimple to leave, instead making Samar and Pakhi fight. She asks Samar to change his decision and not marry Dimple.






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