Bhagya Lakshmi 6th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th March 2023 Written Update

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Bhagya Lakshmi 6th March 2023 Written Update Malishka sees her swollen lips and is shocked to see herself. Neelam scolds Suhani. She asks Suhani what she adds to it. Suhani tells that she didn’t do anything. Rishi asks what they did Malishka do. Malishka asks why is she lying. Suhani tells them the entire truth about how Malishka had added the medicine to the kheer. Rishi asks how the chemical fell into the milk. Malishka worries. Rishi asks Suhani to answer them. Suhani tells that it would be Malishka’s mistake. Malishka grows worried. Neelam asks Malishka if she has done this. The family scolds her that Dadi would have eaten the kheer and got unwell. Malishka cries.

Dadi tells Malishka that she got to pay for her deeds. Malishka apologizes to them. Rishi asks Malishka why did she try to take revenge on Lakshmi. He rebukes her actions. Malishka gets reprimanded by the entire family. Lakshmi asks Rishi to see Malishka’s pain and help her first. She insists he takes Malishka to the doctor. Rishi takes Malishka with him. Malishka apologizes when Dadi asks her to see Lakshmi’s generosity. Neelam blames Lakshmi for making Rishi her slave. She tells that Malishka is playing such tricks because of Lakshmi. She scolds Lakshmi.

Virender tells that Malishka is wrong, she made a mistake and it’s proved now, even then Neelam is blaming Lakshmi. Karishma blames Lakshmi’s presence for being a reason for all the evil things. Dadi asks them not to say a word to Lakshmi. She defends Lakshmi. She pities them that they can’t understand the difference between Lakshmi and Malishka. Malishka gets treated by the doctor. She asks him to give her strong medicines. Sonal reaches there and asks Malishka about the matter. She laughs seeing Malishka’s swollen lips.

She asks Rishi how did this happen. Rishi tells her how Malishka was trying to harm Lakshmi. Sonal is glad that Rishi is still caring for Malishka when he knows her mistake. Rishi goes to get medicines. Sonal asks Malishka how did she do such a stupid thing. Malishka feels hurt to speak. Karishma calls Rishi to ask about Malishka. Virender says that Malishka has done a crime. Karishma tells that Malishka had stopped Dadi from eating the kheer. Dadi wants Malishka to take this as a lesson and not try such stunts again. Karishma tells that Lakshmi is the reason for angering Malishka. Virender calls it enough.

He doesn’t think revenge can be justified. Neelam tells that Malishka knows the difference between Lakshmi and them. She adds that she will not forgive Malishka’s mistake. Virender asks them not to create a scene, Rishi has given CPR to Lakshmi to save her life, and Malishka shouldn’t take revenge for that. He feels Lakshmi should take revenge on Malishka for coming between them. He asserts that Lakshmi has sacrificed her happiness and marriage, and gave Rishi to Malishka. The doctor asks Malishka not to miss the dose of the medicine. Rishi thanks the doctor.

Karishma scolds Suhani for interfering in the family matter. She asks her if is she mad to tell them about Malishka. She regrets that Malishka has become a culprit in front of everyone. Suhani tells that everyone was getting mad at her. Karishma calls her a fool. She wishes she could have saved Malishka. Suhani thinks Lakshmi is so good, and Malishka is evil. She doesn’t want Rishi to marry Malishka. Lakshmi knows that Malishka gets insecure and mad when it’s about Rishi. She doesn’t want to snatch Rishi from Malishka when they love each other. Virender asks her if is she okay. She tells that she isn’t okay, because people misunderstand her. She doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of her.

He regrets that his family isn’t able to see her goodness. She tells that she could have explained Malishka and stopped her from doing wrong. She wants Malishka to trust her. Virender says that they have seen what Malishka can do. He asks Lakshmi to beware of Malishka. Lakshmi isn’t scared of Malishka. She tells that Malishka does such things for Rishi’s love, she is scared of losing Rishi and doing desperate things.

She tells him that she will not leave the house for a long time. He wishes he could stop Lakshmi in the house in some way. He blesses her. Rano tells Shalu and Bani that she is going to rest in her room. Bani suggests that they shall rob Rano’s money. Shalu asks her not to think so. Sonal and Rishi bring Malishka to her home. Sonal laughs at her. Rishi gives her medicines. Malishka thanks her. He asks her to thank Lakshmi, who stopped them from scolding her.

He tells that this is the difference between Lakshmi and her, and she can never become like Lakshmi. He asks her why did she try to take revenge on Lakshmi. He praises Lakshmi. He tells that Lakshmi would have not given him the divorce if she wanted. He feels he has cheated on Lakshmi, and even then she didn’t take revenge. He lectures her about Lakshmi’s greatness. Malishka tells that she doesn’t want to become like Lakshmi. She isn’t interested in hearing Lakshmi’s praise. Rishi apologizes. He asks her not to doubt him. He questions her if she will continue to doubt him even after their marriage.






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