Udaariyaan 5th March 2023 Update Frenzied Advait

Udaariyaan 5th March 2023 Update Frenzied Advait

Udaariyaan 5th March 2023 Update Frenzied Advait Shamsher, Advait, and Kapoors are shocked to read the headlines in the newspaper. Shamsher reads about the blame on Advait. Advait is accused of marrying Nehmat when he was already married to Harleen. Advait tells that he will get framed for the illegal marriage with Nehmat, and everything will get ruined if the news spreads in his political party. Shamsher asks him how the news gets leaked and printed in the newspaper. He vents anger on Advait’s foolishness. Advait doesn’t know how did it happen and who is behind it. He suspects that Nehmat has done this to ruin him.

Nehmat discusses the huge truth with her family. Sandhus are also shocked by the disclosure that Advait is married to Jasmin’s daughter Harleen. They wonder if the news is genuine. Nehmat tells that they have to find out who has leaked the news and if it’s true. She says that two people are involved in it, Advait and Harleen, and who are both related to their family. She tells Rupy and Satti that she will meet Harleen and find the truth. Harleen has taken this step to punish Advait and save Nehmat from his torture. Ekam reads the shocking news and confronts Harleen for her big lie. He asks her how she could hide the fact that she is married to Advait and come ahead to marry him. He gets disappointed with her.


He tells that she has fallen in his eyes now, she is a very clever woman who sees her selfish gains. He rebukes her for ruining Nehmat’s life, despite knowing the truth that Nehmat isn’t married to Advait lawfully. He blames Harleen for making an innocent girl suffer. Kapoors suffer a big setback when NGO women arrive home and humiliate Advait by throwing dirty mud over his face. The women threaten Advait of punishing him severely and blackening his face if he doesn’t mend his actions. Advait’s image and reputation get tarnished in a single hit. Will Harleen be able to explain her stand to Ekam and Nehmat? Keep reading.


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