Meet 6th March 2023 Update Meet fights Manmeet

Meet 6th March 2023 Update Meet fights Manmeet

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Meet 6th March 2023 Update Meet fights Manmeet in a wrestling match Meet spots Anuja and recalls that Sundari had locked the latter in the room. She wonders how did Anuja come out. She tries to find out. Anuja gets to see Meet there. Meet calls her out to stop her, but she/Anuja leaves in an ambulance. Meet suspects her. She tells Anuja never goes out of the house even during the day, so why did she go out at night and that too wearing western clothes? Jasoda wants Meet to leave the city and go away. She tells that she doesn’t want Meet to see her son again. She wants Meet to stay away from her son and family. She commands Meet to never return. Meet enters a dilemma and wants to stay back to solve Anuja’s mystery.

Meet and Manmeet are seen in a wrestling ground. Manmeet tells that this battle will be proved very costly to her. He asks her to stay within limits because she is a woman. She asks what will he do. He tells her that he will bury her and her dreams. She says that she is stubborn and won’t let her dreams shatter. She asks him to let the battle go in if he has the strength to continue. Meet doesn’t lose. She is determined to win Manmeet.






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