Ghum Hai Kisikey written update 7th March 2023 Holi Twist

Ghum Hai Kisikey written update 7th March 2023 Holi Twist

Ghum Hai Kisikey written update 7th March 2023 Holi Twist The Chavans celebrate Holi with much joy with Savi and Sai this year. The family gathers for the Holika Dahan. Sai receives many compliments. Bhavani tells that only Sai looks beautiful. Pakhi grows jealous. Vinayak tells that Pakhi looks the best. Sai performs the puja with Virat and their kids. Pakhi feels alienated. Sai’s saree catches fire. Vinayak runs to save Sai. He puts off the fire by pouring water in time. Sai gets glad seeing his concern. Pakhi is insecure that she will lose Vinayak to Sai.

Later, the family makes huge plans for the holi. Pakhi gets upset seeing Virat changing his colors. She wants Virat to apply the holi to her first. Sai is happy to celebrate holi with the entire family for the very first time. She asks Virat about past holi incidents. Virat tells Savi about Sai’s mischief on holi. Sai doesn’t want to play holi, but Virat asks Savi to convince her mother. Sai agrees for Sai’s sake. Virat takes the holi to apply to Sai. He gets reminded that Pakhi is his wife, and he should apply the colors to her first. Savi asks Virat to apply the color to her first.


Virat gets saved from the dilemma and tells that he will apply color to Savi first. Savi teases him and runs to Sai. Virat applies the color to Sai by mistake. Pakhi gets upset. She tells Vinayak that she is happy when he is with her, she doesn’t want anyone else. She hugs her son. Sai gets emotionally sad. A goon enters the party in DJ’s disguise to take revenge on Sai. Virat gets drunk and goes to play holi with Sai. When she refuses, he handcuffs her and tells her that it’s a punishment for not playing holi with her husband. She asks him if he has lost his mind.


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