Anupama 9th March 2023 Update Maya's secret

Anupama 9th March 2023 Update Maya’s secret

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Anupama 9th March 2023 Update Maya’s secret Samar and Dimple find Maya appearing sweet and suspect her. They wish everything stays fine. Anuj and Anupama take Anu to give her a surprise. Anuj tells Anu that Anupama will take them to a good place. Kavya asks Vanraj if he isn’t happy seeing Anupama and Anuj handling their marriage so well. She taunts him that they both aren’t able to handle their relationship. She speaks to Anirudh on call and goes to meet him. Vanraj grows furious. Anupama brings Anu to the orphanage. Anu is happy to meet her friends. Anuj tells that they will go and cut a cake, and then enjoy a lot. Maya makes a plan against Anuj and Anupama.

Barkha and Ankush get suspicious of Maya’s strange behavior. Anuj and Anupama cut the cake and celebrate with Anuj. They enjoy the day. When they return home, they find Maya still there. Maya tells them that she didn’t get a flight at night, so she will stay for another day and leave in the morning. Anupama finds Maya getting close to Anu. She asks Anuj if Maya will go without Anu. She grows insecure. Maya likes to see the tension on Anupama’s face. What is Maya planning secretly? Keep reading.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Nayantara waits for Samrat at the restaurant. She likes his efforts. She is glad that he planned the date to make her birthday special. Mansi sends her a picture to show that Samrat is with her at the hospital. Mansi tries to create a misunderstanding between them. The birthday lunch plan spoils. Samrat learns that Nayantara is upset and left from the restaurant. He rushes home to check if she has come. Later, Samrat takes Nayantara on a dinner date. The couple is seen spending some romantic moments. He finds a way to cheer her up.






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