Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Karan Anjali big clash

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Karan Anjali big clash

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Karan Anjali big clash Anjali snatches Karan and Preeta’s child. She gets mad at getting Arjun in her life by all unfair means. She tells Nidhi that she will give back the baby to Preeta if Arjun marries her. Anjali and Nidhi have a big argument at their home. She hires a nurse to take care of the baby. Nidhi asks the nurse to hand over the baby to her. Anjali says that the nurse will not listen to her. She points a gun at Nidhi and asks her to stay away from the baby. She asks her to go to Arjun and tell him to divorce Preeta. Nidhi asks her to stop the madness. Anjali asks Nidhi to inform her condition to Arjun.

She tells that she will wait for her Arjun at the farmhouse. Karan is shaken when he learns that Anjali has kidnapped his baby. He doesn’t know how he will face Preeta if anything wrong happens. He tells that he will meet Anjali and bring his baby back. Anjali gets decked up to meet Arjun. She asks the nurse to keep the baby in the room until she calls her to bring the baby to her. Priyanka meets Anjali. She is happy that Anjali has recovered from the coma, and she is soon going to get Arjun. Arjun arrives to meet Anjali. Arjun and Anjali’s emotional clash will be something to watch out.



Akshay comes to support Aparajita. He tells that Aparajita will succeed this time because her family is complete now. Mohini reaches there and finds Akshay lending support to Aparajita. She tells that she will also join them in the game, after all, she is also family. Aparajita and Akshay play as a team to win. Mohini reaches them with a plan to attack Aparajita. She wants her revenge. Veer is against Aparajita for his reasons. Aparajita celebrates holi with the family. Mohini tells that Aparajita and her daughter’s future will get burnt to ashes. Veer and Mohini plan to break out a fire in Aparajita’s house.


Meet enters the wrestling ground to fight with Manmeet. He tries to teach her the limits because she is a woman. He threatens of burying her and her dreams in the soil. She tells that she is rigid just like her dreams. She asks him to fight if he dares to compete. Sundari prays for Meet’s victory in the match. Meet represents the village women in the match.

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The Pandyas celebrate Holi. Krish and Prerna celebrate their first Holi with the Pandyas. Shweta intervenes. She doesn’t recognize Prerna because of the colours. She compels Krish to play holi with her. The entire family celebrates, dances and enjoys. Shiva sees Shweta there and doubts him. Krish applies the holi colours to Shweta’s face just to hide her from Shiva. He doesn’t want Shiva to identity Shweta. Shiva asks Raavi about Shweta. The family doesn’t want Shweta to come in front of Shiva, who can lose his temper on seeing her. Shweta isn’t scared of Shiva.

Shweta gets happy when Krish acts romantic. The family gets a huge shock when Chutki leaves the house and goes away. Shweta gets angry on Dhara. Dhara asks Shweta to forgive them. She tells that they didn’t tell the truth to Chutki deliberately, they were discussing the reports and Chutki overheard them. She asks Shweta to slap her and vent out anger on her. She begs Shweta not to tell the truth to Chiku. Shweta tells that Chutki got a shock and now its Chiku’s turn, he will also learn his real mother’s identity. Dhara begs her to not tell anything. Shweta pushes her away and goes. Dhara doesn’t want to lose Chiku.


Chini asks Imlie did she lose her memory for real. She asks Atharv to show the divorce papers. When she gets to see the divorce papers, she is hugely shocked. She doesn’t find Atharv and Imlie’s signatures on it. Imlie doesn’t have any proof against Chini. She has a motive to make Chini admit her crimes. Imlie tells Atharv that Chini didn’t write any poetry, its her poems, which Atharv loves. She goes on exposing Chini’s lies. She tells that Atharv and she love each other. Badimaa stops Chini from confessing her deeds. Chini tells that she has lied to act great by faking a suicide attempt.

She tells them that she has done all the drama to win Atharv, she had dropped the chandelier over Imlie and also pushed her down the terrace to kill her, she had put many efforts to marry Atharv. Imlie exposes Chini. Atharv shows Chini’s confession video. He tells that Chini is evil and today her crime is known to one and all. Chini loses Atharv after reaching the mandap. The family feels ashamed of Chini’s deeds. Chini blames Imlie. Badimaa argues with the family about Chini’s rights. She tells that Imlie had everything on her name, Chini got nothing from the family, that’s the reason Chini had to snatch everything from Imlie. The family gets upset that Chini has got them insulted.


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