YRKKH 9th March 2023 Written Update Shattering

YRKKH 9th March 2023 Written Update Shattering

YRKKH 9th March 2023 Written Update Shattering moment for both families. The family rushes Abhimanyu to the hospital. Akshara doesn’t know what to do. She accompanies them. Abhinav and Aarohi are equally worried. Akshara panics seeing the blood on her hands. Abhinav helps her clean it off. Muskaan tells Abhir that everyone will be back soon. Suhasini doesn’t want the painful moments to get revived. She prays that Akshara doesn’t lose her happiness. Abhimanyu is treated in Birla hospital. Mahima attends him. Abhinav finds Akshara controlling her emotions. Manjiri breaks down seeing Abhimanyu’s condition. Manish asks her to calm down, or else her health will get deteriorated. The family worries for Abhimanyu.

Manjiri finds Abhimanyu’s phone and cleans it. The phone gets unlocked and the call log appears. She sees the numerous times he had called Akshara. She grows infuriated. She questions Akshara for not attending to his calls and putting him in a desperate situation, which resulted in his accident. She blames Akshara for Abhimanyu’s accident. Manish asks Manjiri why is she dragging Akshara into this. Manjiri tells that Akshara has caused this accident. Abhinav defends Akshara and tells them that she can never be a reason for Abhimanyu’s condition. Manjiri shows them the call logs.


She tells that Abhimanyu would have not come to Goenka’s house if Akshara wasn’t present there. She adds that her fears have turned true. She madly accuses Akshara of ruining her family’s happiness another time. She begs Akshara to leave Abhimanyu’s life forever. She asks Akshara if she will kill Abhimanyu for her peace. Akshara weeps silently. Abhinav feels bad for her. He asks Manjiri not to put the allegations on anyone. He tells that Manjiri will regret her words spoken in anger once she calms down.

Surekha asks Manish why was Abhimanyu calling Akshara before his engagement. Manjiri tells Abhinav that Neil died because of Akshara. She blames Akshara for all the sorrows in Aarohi and Ruhi’s grief. She asks Abhinav can he understand her fear. Kairav consoles Aaorhi. Manjiri asks Abhinav did he lose his son to understand her pain. She tells him that Akshara should have celebrated Suhasini’s birthday and left Udaipur. She asks Akshara why did she run to Abhimanyu on hearing about his accident. She wants to know why is Akshara crying for Abhimanyu. She asks what right she has on Abhimanyu.

She wants to know what relationship Akshara and Abhimanyu have. Akshara doesn’t have an answer. She leaves from there. Manjiri asks her to go away after putting Abhimanyu in this state. Abhinav goes after Akshara, who is disturbed thinking of the matter Abhimanyu was going to tell her. She wishes she had answered his calls. She leaves from there. Abhinav runs after her to stop her. Surekha and Suwarna come back home. Surekha tells that Akshara always reaches the wrong place at the wrong time.

She informs Suhasini that Akshara has turned Manjiri upset. She tells that Akshara has run to Abhimanyu in a way that she left Abhinav and Abhir behind. She wants them to see Akshara’s truth. She calls the family wrong to call Akshara home. Suhasini asks her to stop it. Surekha tells that Akshara and Abhimanyu are still together, their love will never end, and they can never get separated. She doubts that they want to unite again. Suhasini warns her. Abhinav comes home to find out if Akshara has come. Abhir learns about Abhimanyu’s accident and goes to meet him.


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