Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Update Wedding

Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Update Wedding

Imlie 11th March 2023 Written Update Wedding Chini threatens Atharv and asks him to marry him. She tells that he loves her. He calls it his big mistake to believe her lies and love her. He tells that he just loves Imlie. She tells that they will get married now. Atharv fights with the goons, who compel him to sit in the mandap. He manages to get free. Chini whistles seeing his action. She tells that she is proud of her hero because he saved himself. She tells that he can’t save his family. She shocks Atharv by showing him a scary sight.

She tells that his family will die if he refuses to marry her. His family doesn’t want him to bend down in front of Chini’s madness. She tells that the mandap is ready, and Atharv has to marry her. Imlie rushes to the media office and asks the reporter to track a phone number. She tries to call the family members. Chini compels Atharv to listen to her. She tells that Imlie won’t come to save them. Chini asks the goons to snatch the phones from them and throw them away. Imlie gets the phone tracked to get the location.


The goons don’t want to throw the costly phones, but get scared of Chini. They go and put the phones in the Holika fire. Imlie gets the location. Atharv wants to save his family. Chini ties him up with ropes and drags him to the mandap. Rana asks Chini to think about what will Sundar and Rupali go through when they learn about her crime. She tells that they will be happy with her marriage. She forces Atharv to take the rounds. She promises to kill Imlie if the latter comes between them. Imlie reaches the spot. A lady blesses Imlie that her wishes get fulfilled. Imlie gets the phones there and realizes that Chini has dumped the phones.

She looks for the family members. She doesn’t find Atharv there. She feels scared for their lives. She knows Chini has always attacked her, but this time she has attacked Atharv. She doesn’t want to forgive Chini. Chini takes the rounds with Atharv. Imlie reaches the godown and stops Chini. Chini threatens of killing the family members. She asks Imlie to watch the final round of their marriage. The goons beat Atharv. Imlie cries seeing Atharv tortured. She throws some holi colors in the goons’ eyes. Chini too falls away. Imlie finds the goon dropping the rope of the nail bed over the family. She runs to save them. Imlie and Atharv will be seen marrying in the coming track. A new entry will happen in Imlie’s life.


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