YRKKH 11th March 2023 Written Update Abhi angers Abhinav

YRKKH 11th March 2023 Written Update Abhi angers Abhinav

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YRKKH 11th March 2023 Written Update Abhi angers Abhinav Manjiri is restless to know about her son’s condition. Anand tells that Abhimanyu is sinking. Mahima tells that Abhimanyu is their son. She asks Abhimanyu to fight and come back to them. They encourage Abhimanyu to fight. Muskaan looks for Abhir. Abhir gets worried when some goons spot him and follow him to kidnap him. Rohan tells Manjiri that Abhimanyu is sinking, and there are fewer chances of survival. He apologizes to her. Manjiri breaks down. She tells that Abhimanyu can’t leave her. She asks someone to save him.

Parth and Nishta console her. Aarohi too gets hugely upset. Muskaan gets Abhir’s note and learns that Abhir has gone to meet Abhimanyu. She hides this from Akshara. She doesn’t want Akshara to worry. She thinks of going and getting Abhir. She calls Kairav. She tells him that Abhir has run away from the house, and he had gone to meet Abhimanyu. She adds that she lied to Akshara. He asks her to relax and leave home to find Abhir. He tells that he will also go and find Abhir. She agrees. Manjiri prays for her son. She wants a miracle to happen. Akshara gets the note. Akshara tells Abhinav that Abhir has gone to meet Abhimanyu.

Abhinav asks how did Abhir go alone. Anand and Mahima finish the surgery. They wish Abhimanyu would get saved. Muskaan and Kairav find Abhir. Muskaan calls Abhinav and tells him that she got Abhir, and he is fine, Kairav is also with them. She tells that she will bring Abhir home. Akshara gets angry and tells that she will slap Abhir. Abhinav asks her how long will she keep a son away from his father, she should let Abhir meet his father. He tells that it’s not Abhir’s mistake. He doesn’t think they should stop Abhir, because nobody can break Abhir and Abhimanyu’s connection. Muskaan asks Abhir to come home.

Abhir refuses and gets adamant to meet Abhimanyu. Kairav tells that nobody is allowed to meet him. Abhir gets adamant. Kairav asks him when did he get so attached to Abhimanyu. Muskaan controls her word when she was about to reveal that Abhir is Abhimanyu’s son. Abhir requests Kairav to take him to Abhimanyu. Abhir meets Abhimanyu. Akshara and Muskaan also rush to the hospital. Manjiri is upset seeing Akshara back. Manish asks about the matter. Akshara says that Abhir has come to meet Abhimanyu. Abhir prays for Abhimanyu. His presence helps Abhimanyu recover. Manjiri gets emotional watching Abhir’s love for Abhimanyu. Akshara sheds tears seeing their love. Abhir tells Abhimanyu that he will not leave until the latter recovers.

He adds that Shiv will protect Abhimanyu and make him okay. Anand and Mahima also find Abhir with Abhimanyu and tell that Abhimanyu’s pulse is getting better. Akshara wants to keep them away from each other. Abhinav reaches the hospital. He meets Abhimanyu. Mahima tells the family that Abhimanyu is better now. Manjiri gets thankful that a miracle occurred. Manish tells that Abhimanyu will get okay. Mahima thanks Abhir for his prayers. He tells Abhimanyu that he will come to meet him later. He consoles Manjiri also. Manjiri thanks him for keeping her faith and courage. Abhir tells that his parents give him faith and courage.

He makes her smile. Aarohi finds Abhir a nice kid. Abhir tells that he will go home and cheer up Ruhi. Abhimanyu opens his eyes and sees Abhir and Akshara. He imagines Akshara with him and laughs. Mahima wonders what’s wrong if he is hallucinating. Abhir tells that they will come again to meet Abhimanyu. Aarohi requests Akshara to leave Udaipur and learn to live with what he has. She tells that Abhimanyu is her future. Akshara isn’t interested in Abhimanyu. She decides to leave. Abhinav meets Abhimanyu, who requests him to return his Akshara. Abhinav grows mad at him and asks him to remember that fate has given Akshara to Abhinav. Abhimanyu rebukes him for coming between Akshara and him. Abhinav shows his angry side for the very first time.

YRKKH 11th March 2023 Written Update Abhi angers Abhinav






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