Anupama 12th March 2023 Written Update Anu Last meet

Anupama 12th March 2023 Written Update Anu Last meet

Anupama 12th March 2023 Written Update Anu Last meet Anu tells them that she left because they came late. Anupama asks where Maya is taking her. Anu tells that she will stay with Maya for a few days. She asks them to take care. She tells that she loves them and she misses them. She adds that she is very happy. Anuj and Anupama ask her to call Maya. Anu calls Maya. Anuj and Anupama get angry with Maya, He says she didn’t take Anu by showing any court orders. He calls it kidnapping. He yells at her. He threatens of ruining her. He tells her that he will reach her and he will not spare her.

Anuj vents his anger on Maya. He tells her that she has snatched his daughter and his world. He asks her to return his daughter to him. Anupama asks Maya why did she do this. Maya apologizes to them. Anu tells that he wants his daughter. She tells that Anu is her daughter and she had to take her. She wants Anu to stay happy with her. She tells that they can’t do anything legally. She asks why they want Anu when they have everything. She suggests that she has let Anu stay with them and given them memories, but they can’t stay together under the same roof. She tells Anuj that she didn’t get him and now he won’t get Anu.


Anuj tells that Anu will cry for them for some time. He asks her just to get Anu home. He tells that they will find a middle ground. She asks him not to make it difficult for her. He tells that he will die without Anu. Anupama consoles him. He asks Maya to bring Anu back. He begs Maya. He asks Maya to just listen to him. She tells that he can’t do anything and she isn’t scared of him. She shouts at him and counts her favors on them. She asks why is he threatening her.

She tells that they couldn’t give her a month to her. She adds that she has accepted her mistake of loving Anuj, but they didn’t forgive her. Barkha scolds Maya for trying to break Anupama’s marriage. Dimple asks Maya why did she cross the limits. Ankush tells that they will file a police complaint and take legal action against Maya. Maya laughs upon hearing this. She tells that she is really scared of their threats. She also asks them to remember that they did this on Anu’s birthday. She tells that Anu is with her biological mother. She threatens of putting the kidnapping charge on them. Anupama begs her to return Anu to them.

Anupama asks Maya how can she take their daughter. She pleads to get Anu back. She tells that she has understood Maya’s helplessness. She asks Maya to understand her now. She knows Anu would have never left them because she loves them a lot and can’t stay happy without them. She tells that Maya might have brainwashed Anu. She calls Maya selfish. She tells Maya that a mother can’t be selfish. She asks her to think of Anu’s happiness first. She tells that one day Anu will cry for them, she will be hurt and she will miss her parents. She asks Maya to return their daughter.

Maya tells that Anupama had ousted her. Anupama tells that she didn’t give her a right to snatch her husband. She counts Maya’s mistake. Anupama tells that Maya is wrong. Maya tells that she will take Anu with her. Anupama asks her to let them meet Anu once. Anuj asks how can Maya take Anu away. Anupama says they can’t do anything, Anu is leaving and they can just request they meet her once. Barkha and Ankush ask Maya to let Anupama meet Anu for the last time so that Anupama accepts her leaving. Anupama begs Maya to come home for Anuj’s sake. She tells that Maya has won and they have lost.

She cries that she has lost her daughter. The family asks Maya to do this for Anupama’s sake. Maya agrees to make them meet Anu for the last meeting. She tells that she will get the court orders, and Anu will leave the house at any cost. She asks Anuj and Anupama to decide what they want to do. Anupama tells that nobody will stop her. Maya calls it their last meet. Anupama agrees while Anuj is shocked. Anu comes home to meet Anuj and Anupama. They pamper her with love and celebrate their meeting. Maya asks Anu to come with her. Anuj and Anupama bid farewell to Anu.


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