Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update Joyful

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update Joyful

Kundali Bhagya 13th March 2023 Written Update Joyful Karan brings the baby back to Preeta. He asks Kavya to stay quiet and sleep without disturbing the babies. He gets relieved seeing his family fine. He thanks God for giving him a happy family. He recalls his beautiful moments with Preeta. Constable scolds Anjali. She tells that Anjali should have told sorry to Nidhi and gotten her freedom. Anjali asks her not to give her a lecture. Constable asks her to get rotten in jail. Priyanka asks Anjali why didn’t she say sorry when they could have got saved. Anjali tells that she doesn’t have any regret, and she will not say sorry. Priyanka tells that she should have thought of her at least.

She wants to go outside. Anjali asks Priyanka why did she come and supports her. Priyanka tells that she made a mistake to come and help Anjali. She asks Anjali to say sorry. Anjali pushes her and scolds her. Constable asks them to stop fighting and stay quiet. Priyanka regrets helping Anjali. The cellmate asks Anjali to pay her money if she wants help. The next morning, Kavya finds Karan sleeping on Preeta’s side of the bed. She asks him why is he sleeping there. He says sorry and goes to his side of the bed. He lies to Kavya that Preeta fell off the bed at night, so he went to save her.


Preeta sends Kavya. He tells that it’s the babies’ Naamkaran today. Preeta asks him what stories he tells Kavya. Karan tells that he couldn’t say that he wanted to hug Preeta and sleep. She is happy that their babies are with them. She tells that they will invite Nidhi for the Naamkaran ceremony, Nidhi has helped them in getting their babies back. Karan agrees. The family prepares for the ceremony. Rishabh and Karan go to pick up Nidhi from her house. They come home along with Nidhi.

Nidhi meets the Luthras and is glad to join their celebrations. Rakhi thanks her for helping their family. Karan compliments Preeta for doing much magic on him, or else he wasn’t mad about anyone. She tells that he was mad about other girls before. He tells that she came into his fate and changed it, he just loves her and he is mad for her. She says that she has a lot of work. Karan asks why she is insulting him. Sameer complains about Shrishti. Karan asks him not to say anything wrong about Shrishti. He finds her cute. Preeta thanks Nidhi and also apologizes for everything. Nidhi asks her not to be formal.

The family sits in the puja. Pandit asks Kritika to name the babies. Kritika tells that she is the Bua and she will decide the names. Everyone suggests the baby names. Kritika tells that it’s her right to name the babies. Mahesh asks her to at least check the options. Kavya also suggests some names. The family laughs upon hearing the cartoon characters’ names. Preeta tells that she also has suggestions. She tells Rudraksh and Shaurya as the names. Kritika tells that she will announce the names of the babies. She tells that Luthras’ princes will be called Rudraksha and Shaurya. Kritika keeps her wish. Karan tells that this is cheating because Kritika didn’t ask him. Kritika tells that she is the Bua and it’s her decision. The family members like the names.

Kavya and Shrishti ask Kritika why did she not select the names they suggested. They both argue with Kritika. Kritika asks them to shut up and listen to her. She tells that she didn’t keep their favorite names, Ronit and Rohit. They don’t like the rhyming names. Shrishti asks her what did she do, and did she keep Preeta’s suggested names. She likes Preeta’s choice. Sameer asks them to come out and dance to have fun. The family enjoys the dance.

Furthermore, Anjali writes the dates on the wall. Priyanka asks her to forget their fight. She tells that Anjali is very important to her. She assures that she will not call Anjali wrong and support her. She asks about her plan. Anjali shares her plan to ruin Preeta’s life. She tells that she will get free after 6 months when the police shift them to a different jail. She plans to escape from jail. Priyanka asks how will she manage it. Anjali tells that she will ruin Preeta and her happiness. She plans big revenge on Karan and Preeta.


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