1 Epic Scene in YRKKH you can’t miss

1 Epic Scene in YRKKH you can't miss

1 Epic Scene in YRKKH you can’t miss Abhimanyu confesses his love to Akshara. He tells that it’s time to complete their story. He feels he can’t give her place to anyone else in his life. He doesn’t want Aarohi and Abhinav’s hearts to break. He says that they can’t keep anyone happy if they aren’t happy. He asks her to just say yes to him once, and he promises always to keep her happy. He doesn’t want her to get a single tear in her eyes. He assures that he will make their lives filled with happiness. He pleads with her to accept his love proposal. He tells that they love each other and deserve another chance. He wants to know if she still loves him.

Akshara gives him a befitting reply that supports her decision to refuse his proposal. She calls Abhimanyu’s love a sin because he is loving a woman who is married to someone else, who is someone else’s wife. She remarks that he has no right to imagine a life with her. She bashes him verbally for making a wrong demand out of selfishness. She feels ashamed of him that he is asking her to leave Abhinav and Abhir, and her happy world. She clears his confusion that she loves him. She calls it a mistake that she cared for him and ran to him. She tells him that she has moved on because of Abhinav’s support.


She makes Abhimanyu accept the truth, that his decision is self-centered and he isn’t thinking of Abhir as well. She tells that he shouldn’t break a family for his happiness. She tells him that Abhinav loves her and gives her respect, and she didn’t get much respect from Abhimanyu, who always decides her fate. She feels blessed to have a husband like Abhinav, who respects her and never judges her past. She respects Abhinav who didn’t utter a word to question her about the mistake she committed. She tells Abhimanyu that Abhinav is far better than him. She admires Abhinav who has helped her and made her confident.

She tells that Abhinav never pulled her back, and protected her, he finds her complete and he is the one who gives her peace. She tells Abhimanyu that their relationship lacked mutual trust and respect. She reminds him that he had divorced her twice. She justifies her stand. She tells that Abhimanyu acted ruthlessly and punished her. She doesn’t want to get caged in his love again. Her words turn him speechless.


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