Kundali Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Karan dies

Kundali Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Karan dies

Kundali Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Bad News An injured Nidhi rushes to Luthra’s house. Rakhi opens the door, thinking Karan and Preeta have come back with their babies. She is shocked to see Nidhi. Nidhi gets fainting in Rakhi’s arms. She asks Rakhi to save Karan and Preeta’s lives because Anjali escaped jail. Rakhi and Kareena get worried. Later, Shrishti breaks the bad news to the family. She tells that Karan and Preeta met with an accident. The family is shocked by this news. Nidhi warns them but gets later in alerting Karan and Preeta. What will happen? Will Karan die in the accident? Keep reading for a full update.



Meet and Manmeet are seen dancing at the holi function. They have a moment. He lays a trap for her. He makes her fall into the mud. He records a video of her. He thinks once he shows the video in the courtroom, he will get free from Meet forever. He frames Meet in a bad light to break their relationship.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Mohini tells Chavi she will not let Aparajita come around her. She asks her not to worry about anything. She tells that Akshay will complete the discharge formalities. Aparajita tells that the fire was a planned conspiracy. She asks the inspector to find out through a thorough investigation. Mohini gets worried. Aparajita asks the nurse about her daughters. The nurse tells that Akshay asked her to inform her, that he is asking Nia and Chavi home. Aparajita is shocked to know that Akshay has taken Chavi home.

Radha Mohan:
Mohan gets into a dilemma. Kadambari asks Bhushan to listen to him. He decides to leave the house. She asks Mohan to stop his Mama ji. Mohan doesn’t want Radha to stay in the house. She tells that she doesn’t want Radha to go anywhere. She decides to keep Radha with them. Damini’s plan fails once again. Bhushan is still upset with Mohan. Mohan stops him from leaving.

Kundali Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Karan dies:

Karan and Preeta get the babies vaccinated. She asks him to hurry up. He asks her why is she hurrying. She tells that Rakhi is worried for them because she didn’t want them to go out of the house. She adds that she was helpless because the doctor is leaving. Karan asks her not to grow nervous and not to make him nervous. He tells that he will handle everything. He hugs her and asks her to come. They leave for home. Anjali is on the way to the hospital. She recalls the humiliating chapter. She can’t tolerate Karan and Preeta’s happiness. She gets confused about the route.

She takes a shortcut to reach the hospital before Karan and Preeta. She drives rashly. She tells that nobody can save Karan and Preeta from dying. She plans to kill Nidhi after killing Preeta. She wants Karan and the family to wait for Preeta all their lives. Rakhi stays worried for the family. It gets late in the night. Kareena asks her to sit for some time. Rakhi tells that the children didn’t come home till now.

She adds that vaccination doesn’t take much time. Kareena understands her concern and asks her to stop worrying. She doesn’t want to believe any bad omen. She tells that everything will be fine. The doorbell rings. Rakhi tells that she will open the door. Kareena asks her to go and get her share of peace on seeing her children back. Rakhi opens the door. They see Nidhi injured. Nidhi falls into Rakhi’s arms and asks them to save Karan and Preeta because Anjali has broken the prison. They get worried. Rakhi shouts to call Sameer. Karan and Preeta put their babies in the car. They leave the hospital.

Karan and Preeta have sweet moments. Sameer, Rakhi, and Kareena rush Nidhi to the hospital. Rakhi tells Kareena that they should call Karan and Preeta and alert them about Anjali. She tells that they should tell Karan what Anjali did to Nidhi. Kareena calls Karan. Preeta asks Karan to wear a seat belt. Karan says that she always gets adamant about it. She says that a seat belt is necessary for his safety. Kareena tells Rakhi that Karan’s number is unreachable. Sameer tells that they have almost reached the hospital. Anjali finds Karan’s car in front of her.

She angrily goes to hit it, knowing the babies are also inside and may get harmed. She doesn’t care for their lives. She stops the car when she sees Karan siding the car. Karan and Preeta take care of the babies. Karan kisses Preeta and romances her. She tells that the babies are around. He tells that they are too young. Anjali sees their romance. She tells that she loved him a lot, but he insulted her love. She decides to kill him too because she can’t tolerate him loving Preeta. Karan tells that he will take the babies in the front seat. The babies get quiet. Anjali sees a truck driver.

She asks him to give the truck five minutes for a film shoot, and she will pay him as much money as he wants. He agrees and asks her to take the truck. She finds Karan driving ahead. She follows him in the truck. Karan tells Preeta that their future will be beautiful because of his lovely kids and wife. She tells that she has decided everything, and she will make Shaurya a doctor. He tells that he will make Rudraksh a cricketer. She tells that the kids will decide for their lives. Karan sees a truck following and stops the car. Preeta asks him why did he stop the car. He tells that he saw something.

Anjali gets a perfect chance to hit their car. She speeds the truck. Preeta sees the speeding truck and shouts to alert Karan. Karan sees Anjali driving the truck. Anjali hits the car. The car flies far off. The people learn the loud sound of the accident and rush to the spot. Anjali gets down from the truck and runs to the car to check if Karan and Preeta are alive or dead. She goes and looks inside the car. She finds Karan and Preeta injured. She tells that this is their end and also the end of their love stories. She finds the babies crying. She takes one of the babies with her. She leaves there before the people come to help Karan and Preeta.

The people call for an ambulance. A man takes the little baby out of the car. Rakhi asks the doctor if anything is serious. Doctor tells that Nidhi is fine now. She asks Sameer and Kareena to call Karan and Preeta and inform them about Nidhi. Karan and Preeta are rushed to the same hospital. The family members are shocked to see them. Rakhi asks the man what happened to them. The man tells that Preeta and her husband met with a deadly accident. Rakhi tells that Karan is her son. She asks about Karan. She takes the baby from him. Doctor tells that they have to keep the baby under observation.

He tells about Karan’s face, whose face is completely damaged. He adds that his condition is critical. He tells that Karan had much blood loss and it’s difficult to say anything about him. Kareena asks about the other baby. The man tells that there was just one baby in the car. He adds that maybe the baby fell into the valley. The family cries. Sameer informs Shrishti about the accident. Shrishti shouts to call Rishabh, Mahesh, and Kritika. She tells them about Karan and Preeta’s accident.

They rush to the hospital. They ask the doctor about Karan’s condition. Doctor tells that Preeta got physical injuries, but Karan’s face got damaged by the glass pieces. He gives them the bad news that Karan has slipped into a coma. The family gets worried for Karan. Preeta wakes up and finds herself in the hospital. She recalls the accident. She worries for Karan and her babies. She runs out of the ward. She asks them about Karan. Shrishti asks her if she is okay. Preeta tells that she is okay. She asks about Karan and the babies. She apologizes to Rakhi. The family is in shock. Bani gets fainting.

Mahesh asks her is she okay. Bani asks Preeta to get away from her. Preeta asks them to tell her where is Karan. She gets scared by their silence. Rakhi shouts at her and accuses her of Karan’s condition. She asks Preeta if she had heard her when she asked her not to go out of the house for vaccination. She tells that Preeta didn’t listen to her and disobeyed her, Preeta had put Karan and the babies in danger, she had been adamant and she is responsible for this accident. Preeta asks her what happened to Karan. They stay silent and scare her further.


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