YRKKH 17th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav’s arrest

YRKKH 17th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav's arrest

YRKKH 17th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav’s arrest Abhinav doesn’t want Akshara to put the effort into their relationship which isn’t real. He decides to leave her because he can’t come in between Abhimanyu and Akshara. He tells that Akshara would have lived happily with Abhimanyu. He doesn’t want to get Akshara in his life when she doesn’t belong to him. He apologizes to her. He asks her to scold him. She tells that she will scold him because of the right she has. She knows that he has seen Abhimanyu at the temple and gave time to them to talk. She doesn’t want to keep anything private. She asks him to know Abhimanyu’s plea and her reply.

He says he knows it and doesn’t want to know it further. He doesn’t want to insult her love. She tells that he should know it. He says he shouldn’t know it; he is a poor man and has no right to her. He feels he should have died instead coming between Abhimanyu and her. She scolds him. He makes an apology. They go home. Suhasini is worried for Abhimanyu, Aarohi, and Ruhi. Surekha feels the engagement won’t happen now. She tells that Aarohi didn’t call them till now, which means that she will postpone the engagement. She feels someone has taken her happiness away. She blames Akshara. Suhasini understands her hint.


Manish asks her not to worry and prays that Abhimanyu turns good for Aarohi and Ruhi. Akshara doesn’t find Abhinav in the house. She gets worried when she gets a letter from him. Abhinav left without informing her. She doesn’t know what happened. Abhir wishes her good morning. He tells that everything looks new today. He asks about Abhinav. They get worried when Abhinav’s photo frame falls. Manjiri rushes with the engagement arrangements. She tries to make things perfect.

She doesn’t want Akshara’s bad sight to affect Abhimanyu’s life. Akshara worries that the photo fell. She fixes it back. She says Abhinav makes their family, and she will not let his fear come true. Abhimanyu is happy spending time with Ruhi. Manjiri is happy. Shefali tells that Aarohi didn’t get ready yet. Ruhi asks Aarohi why didn’t she get ready till now. Aarohi gets the engagement dress and asks Manjiri to keep it. She makes a tough decision. She tells that she isn’t ready for the engagement. Ruhi asks her to get ready. Aarohi asks for some time. Manjiri grows panicking. Abhimanyu calms her down. Aarohi apologizes to Manjiri. Abhimanyu tells that everything will get okay soon. Manjiri asks them not to step back.

She wants to see their happy family. She tells that Akshara left and there is no problem. Abhimanyu and Aarohi try to explain to her. Manjiri asks them to solve their issues and not delay the engagement. Abhimanyu asks her not to rush. He tells that he is with Aarohi in her every decision. He supports Aarohi. Akshara stays tense. Neela comes home and asks her if things are okay. Akshara tells that nothing is okay. Abhimanyu meets Kairav. Kairav gets infuriated when Abhimanyu hugs him.

Abhimanyu sheds tears and apologizes to him. He tells that Kairav was always right to call him wrong when he was wrong. He regrets his wrong deeds. He tells that he has done wrong to Akshara and Kairav also. He realizes that he has done injustice to Akshara. Kairav asks what can he do with his apology when Akshara left from their lives. Abhimanyu tells that he wants forgiveness. Kairav asks him to go and ruin Aarohi’s life by getting engaged. He asks what’s the reason for the engagement. He feels Abhimanyu can never be the right choice for any girl. He doesn’t forgive Abhimanyu and punishes him.

Abhimanyu returns home. He finds Ruhi upset. He tells that everything will be good. She asks if he is breaking the promise. He is speechless. Akshara tells Neela that she wants to tell Abhinav about her feelings, she wants to live with him, and not repay any favor. She regrets that he had seen his bitter past. She wants to explain Abhinav. Neela tells that Abhinav will be soon convinced. She encourages Akshara to work on her marriage. She tells that Abhinav is afraid to lose her. She asks Akshara to not let his fears turn true. Akshara tells that even though she is afraid but they have to move on.

Ahead in the show, Abhimanyu finds Parth raising his hand at Shefali. He takes a stand for Shefali and yells at Parth. Akshara gets news about Abhinav’s arrest. She rushes to the police station and learns that Abhinav was found carrying illegal items. She refuses to accept this. She tells that the bag doesn’t belong to him. The inspector asks her to get proof. She tells the inspector that she will not let her husband suffer in lockup and she will get proof of his innocence.

YRKKH 17th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav's arrest


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