YRKKH 18th March 2023 Written Update Akshara decision

YRKKH 18th March 2023 Written Update Akshara decision

YRKKH 18th March 2023 Written Update Akshara’s decision Neela tells that morning is always fresh and bright. She feels Akshara came into Abhinav’s life silently and covered up all his sorrows, but he is still scared that their beautiful life can get spoiled. She tells that Abhir came into Abhinav’s life and everything changed for him. She explains that Abhinav doesn’t want to get lonely again, so he is scared. Akshara wants Abhinav to erase his fears so that their relationship doesn’t become just a picture.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu learns that Parth tortures Shefali for years. He is moved by knowing this truth. Shefali tells Parth that she is helpless to live with him, just because of Shivansh. She doesn’t want to live with a lousy husband like Parth who beats his wife for no reason just to vent out frustration over his failures. Parth feels insulted and slaps her. Shefali falls over the ground. Abhimanyu is super shocked by this sight. He runs to help Shefali, who has always supported him. He catches hold of Parth’s collar and rebukes him for beating Shefali. He tells that he will not forgive Parth for this and will drag him in front of the entire family.


Shefali doesn’t the drama to get known to anyone and requests Abhimanyu to let it go. Abhimanyu doesn’t understand when Parth has lost himself and changed so much. Parth defends his actions. On the other hand, Abhinav is caught up with a bag containing illegal items. Police arrest him. Akshara is informed about his arrest. She can’t believe the charges against him. She rushes to the police station to meet Abhinav.

Inspector tells that after searching, seizing, and arresting, there is nothing much anyone can do. He asks whose bag is it if it doesn’t belong to Abhinav. Akshara tells that it doesn’t belong to Abhinav. Inspector asks her to get proof for her statement. Akshara tells that she will do anything to get the evidence in her husband’s favor. She adds that her husband won’t suffer in lockup when she is with him. She calls Abhinav her husband and shows she is ready to take up new duties. Keep reading for the full update once the episode airs on Hotstar at 6 am IST.

YRKKH 18th March 2023 Written Update Akshara decision:

Ruhi cries that Abhimanyu has fooled her and broken his promise, and now engagement and marriage aren’t going to happen. Abhimanyu tries to console her. She gets upset and scolds him for breaking the promise. Aarohi asks her not to talk about the elders’ decision. She gets strict towards Ruhi. Abhimanyu stops Aarohi from scolding Ruhi. He consoles Ruhi. He tells that Ruhi loves them and she should listen to them. Aarohi asks her to just focus on her studies. Abhimanyu tells that Ruhi will get scared. She asks him not to teach her about handling her daughter. He gets upset.

The Goenkas wonder why did Aarohi postpone the engagement. They realize that Aarohi is still thinking about the marriage. Kairav understands why Abhimanyu was apologizing. Surekha supports Aarohi’s decision. She tells that Abhimanyu still loves Akshara. Suwarna tells that maybe Aarohi has asked for some time to think well. Manjiri asks Aarohi not to scold Ruhi.

Aarohi asks Ruhi to stop crying. She gets frustrated. She leaves for the hospital. Manjiri tells that you broke Ruhi’s heart. She asks what shall she say now when her tears don’t matter. Abhimanyu tells that he has to respect Aarohi’s decision. Manjiri asks how will he explain this to Ruhi. She worries that Aarohi got doubts and questions in her mind about the decision. She fears that Ruhi’s heart will break. She doesn’t want to forgive Abhimanyu.

Abhir speaks to the Goenkas. He tells that he is missing them a lot. He adds that Abhinav has changed since he has come back. He goes on telling that Abhinav didn’t take them out to have pizza. Abhinav comes and takes the phone to stop Abhir from revealing more. He lies to the Goenkas. He asks Akshara to see Abhir, he has called the Goenkas. Surekha tells Akshara that they are okay, and Aarohi will be almost okay. Akshara asks about the matter.

Surekha tells that Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s engagement didn’t happen and maybe this relationship won’t form now. Manish asks them not to worry, Abhimanyu isn’t well and can’t get engaged right now. He scolds Surekha for breaking the news to Akshara. He senses some trouble in Abhinav and Akshara’s lives. He fears that a storm can strike Aarohi and Akshara’s lives. Abhir asks Akshara when will the engagement happen. She tells that it will happen later. Abhinav realizes that Abhimanyu backed out from the engagement. He asks Abhinav why did he change so much.

Akshara asks Abhinav to have food and then goes out. She scolds him when he refuses to have food. Abhinav asks her not to worry and focus on exams. She tells that she is giving her exams and the result isn’t coming. She gets her hand burnt. Abhinav and Abhir get worried and care for her. On the other side, Abhimanyu and Aarohi get busy in treating patients at the Birla hospital. He understands why she is taking time to think about their relationship. He tells that he will prove by his actions that he isn’t lying and he won’t change his decision.

He asks her to change the decision and agree to the engagement when she can trust him. She tells that it’s not the day today. She returns the gift. He gets Shefali’s call. He asks her why is she crying. She calls back and doesn’t get any answer. He calls Parth and tells him that Shefali isn’t okay. Parth tells that she is okay and at home right now. Abhimanyu rushes home to check on Shefali because he heard her cry. Parth and Shefali appear normal. Shefali tells that she is okay. He asks about the call, and why was she crying. She doesn’t want to tell him anything.

She tells that she cried watching a movie and she missed Shivansh. She apologizes that the call got connected by mistake. She thanks him for worrying so much for her. He tells that he was scared for her. He hears Ruhi arguing. Abhinav gets caring for Akshara like before. He asks her if is she okay. She still feels hurt. He tells that she has to write an exam tomorrow. She worries that her hard work of one year will get wasted. Abhinav asks her not to say this.

He asks her to try to write because she has no other option. He encourages her to try, and maybe they win. He helps her with writing. He gets away from holding her close. He tells her that she should learn to write with her left hand. Akshara learns to write. He asks her to write her name. She writes Abhir’s name. They share a laugh and have a cute moment. She tells that she will try next year. He tells that he will not let her year’s hard work go to waste. He wants her to give the exam at any cost. Abhimanyu learns Parth and Shefali’s marriage truth. He takes a stand for Shefali.


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