Anupama 18th March 2023 Written Update New track

Anupama 18th March 2023 Written Update New track

Anupama 18th March 2023 Written Update New track of Anuj and Anupama’s separation will be seen. Anuj isn’t able to tolerate the sorrow that Anu left them forever. Anupama hugs and consoles him. Maya finds Anu upset. Anu misses Anuj and Anupama. She wishes that they stayed happy together. Maya says that they will get habitual to staying without her, they will not be sad and that they will get habitual to stay without her, and they will not be sad and they will move on because they are strong. Anu tells that Anupama took care of her well. She adds how much Anuj and Anupama valued her. She cries for them. Maya asks her not to cry. She tells that she can’t see her crying. She asks Anu if she wants to go back to them.

Anuj tells that he wishes he could blame fate for Anu’s departure, but it’s their fault that they couldn’t win Anu’s heart. He feels he failed as a father. He tells that Anu got such parents who failed in winning her heart. Anupama encourages him. He tells that Anu isn’t in the house now. He asks why did she leave them. She asks him to be strong. Maya asks Anu not to worry about her and decides. She says that she will live alone but is unhappy. She manipulates Anu. Anu refuses to leave her alone. Maya is happy to hear this. Anu hugs her.


Maya says she will give her much love when Anu forgets her mum and dad. Anu doesn’t want to forget them. Maya tells that she didn’t mean to hurt her. She asks Anu to stay in touch with her parents. She wants to do everything for Anu. She tells that she loves Anu and can’t stay without her. She promises to keep her happy. Anupama tries to wake up Anuj and asks him to come for breakfast. Anuj doesn’t listen. He stays lost in his world and ignores calls from the office. Ankush and Barkha find him spending time in Anu’s room. They ask Anuj to get ready and go to the office. Anuj asks them to leave her alone. He gets depressed.

The family worries about seeing him. Vanraj is angered seeing Kavya and Anirudh’s bonding. Leela understands Vanraj’s feelings. Ankush and Barkha see Anuj playing with Anu’s toys and crying. Anuj breaks down. Samar shows the video sent by Dimpy. The Shahs get sad for Anuj and Anupama, who have lost their everything after losing Anu. Hasmukh visits Anupama. She hugs him and sheds tears. She tells that she can’t see Anuj’s depressed state. Anuj starts losing his sanity. He doesn’t realize the fire caught up over the stove. He is lost. Anupama sees the fire and extinguishes it. She asks Anuj to talk to her.

Anuj ignores her and goes away. Anupama asks him if he is running away from her or himself. She shatters by his silence. Barkha and Dimpy console Anupama. They get worried that Anupama will completely shatter if Anuj doesn’t get normal. Anupama goes to her room and sheds tears of loneliness. A new morning brings hope for Anupama. Maya calls them and makes them talk to Anu. Anuj and Anupama tell that they miss her a lot. Anu asks them not to get sad; she will meet them or they can meet her.

Anupama tells that they will come to meet her. Anuj tells that he will take Anu’s photo whenever she calls him. Anupama doesn’t want him to slip into depression. She tells that she has to help Anuj. She goes to talk to Anuj. She asks him if he is ignoring him. Anuj doesn’t respond. He starts blaming Anupama for Anu’s loss. He hurts her sentiments in anger. He feels lonely without Anu. He tells that he feels suffocated living with her. Anupama is doubtful of Anuj’s return. Will Anu’s leaving end Anupama and Anuj’s relationship? Keep reading.


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