Kundali Bhagya Karan last shot Epic scene revisit

Kundali Bhagya Karan last shot Epic scene revisit

Kundali Bhagya Karan last shot Epic scene revisit Karan romances with his wife Preeta while they are on the way home in their car. Anjali follows them to reach them and kill them before they reach home. She tells that she will kill Karan and also Nidhi. She wants to ruin Preeta’s happiness. Karan and Preeta take care of their babies. They spend their last moments with their babies. Preeta jokes that the babies have taught a lot of things to him. He tells that he has always pampered her, and he is still the same. He makes a blunder when he doesn’t wear a seat belt. He fixes Preeta’s seat belt and tells her that he will tie his seat belt too.

She insists him wear a seat belt when they come on the main road. He doesn’t listen to her and goes on cracking jokes to make her laugh. Karan doesn’t think that they will meet with a deadly accident. Anjali reaches them and finds them sharing sweet moments. Karan stops the car and wears the seat belt on Preeta’s word. The babies cry like they sensed a bad omen. Preeta tells that the babies are hungry. Karan tells that he will help her and get the milk bottle. He finds a good chance to shower his love on Preeta. He loves her a lot and expresses it by kissing her. Karan and Preeta’s last memorable romantic moments get seen by Anjali, who isn’t happy at all. She decides to punish him too.


Karan removes his seat belt to get the babies in front. The babies get calm. He doesn’t tie the seat belt again and drives off. He tells Preeta that their coming future will be too beautiful. He is thankful that he has three good kids and a beautiful wife. He praises himself that he is handsome himself. She tells that she will make one of their sons a cricketer. He tells that he will make another one a cricketer. He adds that the kids will grow up and not listen to them. Something comes into Karan’s sight and worriedly stops the car, thus coming right under Anjali’s target point. Anjali hits their car and attempts to kill them. She wants them to crave for their lives. The last shot of actor Shakti Arora will always be remembered. Though Karan’s character is retained after the leap, he will be seen entering with a new face again.


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