Anupama 19th March 2023 Written Update Surprise

Anupama 19th March 2023 Written Update Surprise

Anupama 19th March 2023 Written Update Surprise Anupama asks Anuj to look at himself and his abnormal behavior. She questions him about the abnormality. She tells that he is hurting himself. She asks him to talk to her. She doesn’t want him to punish himself. She tells that he can fight with her and express his feelings. She helps him vent his frustration. Anuj tries to run away. She stops him from leaving. She asks him to stop hurting himself. She tells that everyone is upset with Anu’s leaving, but they aren’t behaving like him. Anuj refuses to talk to her. She tells that she is stubborn like him, and her love is bigger than his anger. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk to her.

She tells that Anuj is Anu and her superhero. She asks him to get happiness in Anu’s happiness when he wants her happiness first. She adds that they can meet Anu anytime. She asks him to come out of the trauma. She asks him to meet himself. Anuj gets raged up and blasts when she asks him if he has gone mad. Anuj shouts that he has gone mad. She asks him to break things, but express his feelings. She tells that he should talk to her. Anuj doesn’t want to talk to her or anyone else. Ankush, Barkha, and Dimple hear Anuj screaming and come to see the drama. Anuj tells that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.


He asks how they return to their lives so easily. He can’t return to normal life after losing his daughter. He tells that nobody has any regret seeing Anu leave. He asks Anupama why didn’t she fight Maya to get Anu back. He tells that she stopped him from fighting for Anu’s custody. He feels Anupama doesn’t care because she has her children but he lost his one and only daughter Anu. He adds that he feels suffocated in the house, everything reminds him of Anu and he misses him. He bursts out his anger. He tells that he is reminded of Anu and his failure as a father. He feels he failed in winning Anu’s heart. He adds that she can fight the world for her children, but she didn’t fight Maaya for Anu’s sake. He accuses Anupama.

He asks Anupama why did she force him to say the truth. He tells that Anupama has sent Anu away and also distanced herself from him. He adds that he is going away from her, and doesn’t want to see her face. He calls her a big reason for his failure. He hates to see her in his life. He hurts her sentiments. Anupama wants to console him. He tells that he can’t handle their relationship now, he feels like a burden to keep their marriage and he has lost faith in their relationship. Anupama asks him if he has faith in her. He says that he doesn’t have any faith in her. He feels suffocated to live with Anupama. He tells the huge difference created between them after Anu left them.

Just when their heated argument reaches its peak, Devika and Dheeraj make an entry to surprise them. Anuj leaves from there, while Anupama is fainting from the stress. Devika and Dheeraj rush to help Anupama. They ask about the matter. Anupama hugs Devika and sheds tears. Anupama tells the matter to Devika and Dheeraj. Devika asks her why did she hide the matter for so long. She tells that she would have not spared Maya for snatching Anu. She knows that Anupama is nice to forget her sorrow and handle Anuj. She can’t believe that Anuj has forgotten Anupama. Anupama understands Anuj’s pain. Dheeraj counsels Anuj. He calls Anuj’s behavior wrong. He tells that it’s not Anupama’s mistake.

Anuj tells that Anupama didn’t stop Anu and she let Anu go with Maya. Dheeraj tells that Anupama can’t drag Anu to the court, who would have given Anu to her biological mother Maya. He asks Anuj to understand rather than be foolish. He wants Anuj to accept the truth that Anupama did the right thing by letting Anu go. He knows Anuj is heartbroken. He tells that life and problems will keep coming. He asks Anuj not to lose his special relationship with Anupama. Anuj doesn’t think Dheeraj will understand him.

Anupama tells that Anuj is in depression. She wants to help him. She begs Devika to help her in bringing Anuj out of depression. Devika asks her not to worry, Dheeraj will talk to Anuj and try to make things better. She adds that Dheeraj and she had come to give good news. Anupama asks what is it. Dheeraj asks Anuj to leave his anger. He tells that Devika and he had come to play holi with Anuj and Anupama and intended to break the good news of their marriage decision. Anuj and Anupama are surprised by their decision. Dheeraj tells that he was inspired by Anuj and Anupama, and decided to marry, but he is hugely disappointed.

Anuj apologizes to him. He is happy for Dheeraj and Devika, who deserve to be happy together. Dheeraj tells that even Anuj and Anupama deserve to be happy. He asks Anuj to value Anupama, who he got after a long wait of 26 years. He advises Anuj, not to part ways with Anupama. The family plans the holi event to celebrate Anuj and Anupama’s first holi after their marriage. Anuj isn’t happy seeing Anupama forget Anu so easily and move on.


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