Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update New Karan

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update New Karan

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Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update New Karan Karan is alive and out of a coma. It gets revealed in this episode, that Nidhi is actually wedded to Karan. After Preeta and Anjali’s fight, Nidhi is the one who finally won Karan. Nidhi looks after Shaurya, but Rakhi isn’t happy with the kind of upbringing she has given to Shaurya. Nidhi and Shaurya are happy to live life on their terms and keep Rakhi away. Rakhi meets Karan. She finds him attending a meeting online with foreign clients. She stops him for a while and gives him the prasad. She asks him why didn’t he come to attend the puja. He makes an excuse for a meeting. He avoids the talk. He continues the meeting.

Rakhi and Kareena are upset with his behavior. Rakhi tells her that Karan has changed a lot. Kareena tells that everything has changed, nobody is happy, and there is just silence around. She misses the good times when they used to share fun and laughter. Rakhi tells that Karan isn’t fun-loving now, he doesn’t even express himself. She feels he is alive but not living his life well.

She reveals that the accident changed his face and also his life. Kareena tells that Karan’s survival was a miracle, he was in pain when his face was reconstructed, and he isn’t able to accept that he has lost his face. Rakhi tells that his entire life changed after he lost his face and family, his baby and wife. She tells that he has kept himself occupied with work to forget the pain. Kareena tells that even they couldn’t cope with the pain of losing Rudraksh. Rakhi tells that if Rudraksh was alive, then he would have handled Shaurya. They miss Rudraksh and shed tears. How did you like the new Karan in Kundali Bhagya? Keep reading for a full update.

Coming up, Rajveer tells that Preeta understands him so well, like she is his real mother. He tells Shrishti that she is innocent and doesn’t understand him. Preeta gets involved in a tense matter, when she goes to stop a marriage happening in the chawl. She asks Rajveer to tell them to stop the marriage, else two lives will be ruined. The men ask Preeta not to interfere. When she doesn’t listen, they hurt her. Rajveer protects Preeta and fights the men.

Radha Mohan:

Radha feels helpless when she tolerates Mama ji’s evil. Bhushan finds chances to get close to Radha. He holds Radha’s hand when nobody sees him. Radha is stunned by his evil move. She can’t tolerate his dirty touch further. She angrily slaps him. The family is shocked to see this. Radha tells them that Bhushan is shameless. She admits that she had punished him by burning his hand. Radha fails to tell them the truth and just imagines it. Bhushan stays safe and confident that he will get Radha someday. He tells that he wants a chance to show his love to her.

Radha gets angry, while nobody suspects Bhushan’s intentions since he is Mohan’s uncle. Bhushan tells that he wants to give shagun to Radha for the first rasoi she prepared for them. Damini gets jealous. Mohan tells that Radha wanted money and jewelry, and she finally got them. Radha is upset that Mohan misunderstands her. Damini tells that Radha married Mohan for money. Bhushan wants Mohan to hate Radha. Radha pushes Bhushan away when he tries to make her wear the bangles. He falls over the table. Mohan asks him is he okay. Radha walks out.

Bhushan goes to Radha and threatens her. She tells that he is a big curse in her life. He says that he likes her. He warns her against telling anything to Mohan. He is confident that nobody will believe her. He tells that everyone hates her and thinks wrong about her. He makes her realize that she is all alone. He asks her to accept his wish. Later, Radha goes to talk to him. Bhushan asks Radha did she come to him by her will. He tells that Mohan’s words have affected him. He adds that nobody can harm her until he blesses her. Radha slaps him with her sandals.

Kundali Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update New Karan:

Rajveer comes home and tells Shrishti that her son is the best. Preeta tells that she knew he has come. He tells that he has got good news for them. She tells that she knew he will pass in the interview because he is the best. He asks her to ask him how did the interview go. She asks him to say. He tells him what happened at the interview, the questions, and his answers to impress the manager. Preeta feeds him the sweets. Rajveer tells that his answers had made everyone speechless. Preeta tells that he got the job. Rajveer tells that Preeta understands him as if she is his mother.

He calls Shrishti innocent and silly. He tells that he got the best job. His friends come. Preeta asks them to go back because Rajveer won’t come to pass time with them. She tells that Rajveer has got a job. His friends congratulate him. They praise Rajveer’s talents. They tell that they want to celebrate his new job. Vipin tells that it’s his marriage tonight. His friend asks him not to marry, or else he will be destructed. Rajveer asks them to carry on their talks. He goes to work. Shrishti tells Vipin that Preeta feels sick when she hears loud music. She asks him to keep the volume low.

She hopes that the night passes well and there is no unwanted drama. At Vipin’s wedding, Rajveer takes care of an old person. His helpful nature impresses one and all. Vipin tells his uncle about Rajveer. They like Rajveer. Vipin tells that Rajveer is like his brother. The lady asks who is Rajveer’s mother. Vipin’s mother tells that Rajveer’s mother didn’t come. She praises Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta sits stitching Rajveer’s shirts. The music plays at the wedding.

The girls dance at the wedding. Rajveer also dances for his friend Vipin. He is happy for Vipin. The music stops. DJ tells that he needs time to fix the music speaker. The guy asks the dhol artists to play the dhol. He tells that the music and dance shouldn’t stop. Preeta gets shocked when she hears the dhol music. She recalls her past. She shuts the window. She recollects the blames posed on her by the Luthra family. She goes out to see. Rajveer helps a little girl. She takes the girl to her mother. Preeta asks the dhol artists to stop playing the dhol. She throws the music speakers. She tells that she has come to stop them. She asks them to stop the wedding. Vipin tells that Preeta is Rajveer’s Maasi.

Preeta tells that a marriage is actually destruction. She demands the marriage stop. The bride’s father pushes Preeta away when she hinders the marriage. They call her mad and insult her. Preeta asks them to save the girl’s life and stop her marriage. The bride’s father slaps Preeta and throws her away from the mandap. Rajveer reaches late after dropping the little girl home. He sees Preeta getting thrown out. He shouts at them and asks them not to touch his Maasi. Preeta cries on seeing him and tells him that they have beaten her. Rajveer asks his friend Gautam to handle Preeta. He makes Preeta sit on a chair.

She doesn’t want him to fight. She asks him to stop the marriage because the girl’s life will get ruined after marriage. The bride’s family gets angry and threatens her. Preeta asks them not to beat her. She tells that she is just saving the bride. They beat Preeta. Rajveer comes in front and protects her. He fights for her respect. Preeta causes an unnecessary fight and ruins the wedding fun. Rajveer tells that Preeta is his Maasi. A man hits on her head. Rajveer finds her head bleeding. Vipin grows worried watching the entire scenario taking a drastic turn. Rajveer and Gautam fight the men.

Vipin also runs to assist his friends. His parents stop him from getting involved. Preeta falls and gets hurt. She calls Rajveer for help. Rajveer and his friends attend her. Rajveer takes Preeta home. At Luthra’s house, Rakhi gets worried when the sweets fall. Nidhi asks Rakhi how the sweets fell. She suggests Rakhi doesn’t do any work because she spoils the work. She tells that servants can work better than her. She adds that they love her and care for her. Kareena is upset seeing Nidhi’s rudeness towards Nidhi. Nidhi asks Rakhi not to double their work. She feels Rakhi punishes her for not raising Shaurya well. She asks the servants to keep an eye on Rakhi and stop her from doing any work. Rakhi feels bad and sheds tears. Kareena stands numb.

She tells that the expensive rug got dirty. She asks them to clean the rug. Nidhi commands Rakhi and asks her to retire from work. She tells that she will handle the entire house well, and Rakhi can just relax. Kareena tells that Nidhi is very clever. She doesn’t say anything because of Karan, who regards Nidhi as a good friend. She tells that Shaurya thinks Nidhi is his mother. She feels silent so that she doesn’t hurt Karan and Shaurya. Rakhi senses that something bad is going to happen to her dear ones. She feels Preeta’s pain.






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