YRKKH 19th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav confession

YRKKH 19th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav confession

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YRKKH 19th March 2023 Written Update Abhinav confession Abhinav takes Akshara for her exam. He tells her that he will fill out a form and become her substitute to write her exam. They wait in the car. She asks him about a bag in the backseat. He tells that a tourist left the bag, and he will return it after her exam. He cares for her wound. She tells that she is okay. He tells that his handwriting isn’t good, and she may get fewer marks. He cheers up Akshara. She laughs and tells that when things get stuck, a laugh can ease out. He tells that many times nothing helps in moving on. He doesn’t want to hide anything. He tells that he is stuck on a feeling, he has come between Abhimanyu and her, and he feels his happiness and relationship with her are not true.

He doesn’t have any misunderstanding or hope in his mind. He goes to check the form. Akshara cries that Abhinav isn’t the same after returning to Kasauli. She tells that he was her best friend for six years and now she lost him because of Abhimanyu. She wishes that they hadn’t gone to Udaipur. On the other hand, Manish suffers a high blood pressure. Suwarna takes care of him. He is worried that Aarohi has taken the decision and hurt Abhimanyu and Manjiri’s hearts. He realizes that Akshara’s coming has affected Aarohi’s decision.

He doesn’t want things to get complicated. Aarohi yells at Ruhi. Abhimanyu asks about the matter. She complains about Ruhi’s misbehavior. Ruhi tells that she has beaten the boy who teased her about her parents’ marriage not happening and called her a liar. Aarohi asks her to apologize to the boy. Abhimanyu tells Ruhi that she broke the rule and now she has to apologize. Ruhi tells that Abhimanyu is a liar and broke the engagement. She gets angry with Aarohi and Abhimanyu. Ruhi demands a father.

Aarohi asks if she wants a mother or not. Ruhi calls her a bad mother. Aarohi breaks down. Abhimanyu takes Ruhi with him. Aarohi tells that Ruhi has spoilt a lot. Mahima tells that Ruhi is a little kid and she will not understand her mother’s decision. She asks Aarohi to send Ruhi to the hostel so that she can keep the latter away from the daily drama in their lives. She wants Ruhi to feel normal. She tells that Goenkas and Birlas’ lives will never get normal. She asks Aarohi to think about it because it’s the best practical decision. Abhimanyu overhears this. He doesn’t want Aarohi to send Ruhi away from him.

He tells that sending Ruhi to the hostel isn’t a solution. He feels Ruhi can’t stay alone, she is a little kid and she is expressing her feelings, just because she trusts them. He doesn’t want Aarohi to punish Ruhi, or else the latter won’t talk to them freely. He asks Aarohi not to punish Ruhi for his mistake. She asks him to calm down, she isn’t deciding anything, but things are affecting Ruhi badly. She wants to think about her daughter’s future. Abhimanyu breaks down at the thought of losing Ruhi.

He spends time with Ruhi. Akshara and Abhinav return home. She realizes that Abhinav has supported her, but she isn’t able to support him. She wishes that she gets her old Abhinav back. She feels a wall is built between them. She wishes that the wall breaks. Abhimanyu tells that Ruhi has saved him from losing himself. He doesn’t want Ruhi to get punished. Akshara wishes Abhir gets his happy family back. Abhinav doesn’t get permission to write the exam. Akshara tells that she will try and succeed. Abhir prays that Akshara doesn’t get hurt. Aarohi decides to send Ruhi to the hostel. She discusses this with Goenkas. Manish opposes it.

He asks her why she wants to send Ruhi to the hostel. He tells that Ruhi is too young and won’t be happy in the hostel. He asks Aarohi to end the topic. He wants Aarohi to face the situation by keeping Ruhi along. He asks her if she will punish Ruhi, just because she doubts Abhimanyu’s promise. Aarohi tells that Ruhi isn’t able to understand the elders’ complications. She fears that Ruhi is losing her mind because of the problems. She wants to send Ruhi away from the problems.

She tells that Ruhi is undergoing many issues. Kairav tells that Aarohi shouldn’t stay in Birla’s house. He calls it wrong that she is sending Ruhi away because of Abhimanyu. Aarohi feels that they aren’t understanding her. She leaves there. Shefali is worried about knowing Aarohi’s decision. Kairav is upset. Muskaan understands his concern for Aarohi and Ruhi. She asks him to leave his anger and help Aarohi. Abhir tells Akshara that he has seen a dream, he was caught by the goons and called Papa for help, but Abhimanyu came to his rescue. She gets tense. She doesn’t want Abhir to know the truth ever.

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