1 twist in Kundali Bhagya that foiled the track

1 twist in Kundali Bhagya that foiled the track

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1 twist in Kundali Bhagya that foiled the track Kundali Bhagya has taken a big generation leap of twenty years. Preeta’s memory loss appeared as a bad twist in the initial episodes, but the worse twist came to shock the fans of the show. Preeta’s mental instability is an added twist to the story already filled with miseries. Preeta and Shrishti’s small world looks desperately trying to balance with Rajveer. On the other hand, Karan looms alienated in the Luthra family. Karan and Rishabh’s bonding is missing. Karan’s character is retained with a new face and traits. The appealing part of watching Karan is lost in the post-leap track.

On top of that, Karan married his good friend Nidhi, that’s something unexpected. Nidhi is seen ruling over the Luthra house as the only Bahu of the family. Nidhi rules over the elders as well. She knows how to manipulate Karan and Rishabh, and keep the rest under her control. Rakhi, Mahesh, and Kareena have lost their voice in the family. With so many upsetting twists, it’s hard to say which twist is the most horrible one. Palki’s entry didn’t happen till now. Expect Palki’s character to add relief. Shaurya and Rajveer’s characters look force-fed. Ahead in the show, Rajveer will be seen rushing Preeta to the hospital for treatment.

Rajveer worries about Preeta’s injuries. He informs Shrishti about the huge drama at Vipin’s marriage. Shrishti was already afraid for Preeta, that the latter can lose her mind if someone triggers her past. Rakhi is seen as remorseful about Nidhi fostering Shaurya. Will Preeta regain her memory after this fierce outbreak of the past flashes coming into her mind? Will Preeta’s survival news reach the Luthras? Keep reading for more news, reviews and written updates of your favorite show Kundali Bhagya only on Tellyreviews.






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