Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Karan senses Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Karan senses Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Karan senses Preeta Preeta gets injured during the fight at the wedding function. Shrishti reaches there and finds Preeta in terrible condition. She cries for her sister. She asks Rajveer how did this happen, and why didn’t he protect Preeta. Rajveer was away for a while when Preeta walked into the wedding and tried to hinder the rituals. He explains to Shrishti whatever happened and how Preeta had reacted seeing the groom and bride. Preeta holds Rajveer’s hand and cries. She suddenly drops her hand down and faints. Rajveer and Shrishti get worried for Preeta. They immediately rush Preeta to the hospital.

Preeta recalls the past memories that flash in her mind on and off. She takes Karan’s name, which shocks Shrishti. Shrishti gets wondering if Preeta is getting her memory back. She is hopeful and positive. She gets a little bit of happiness with the mere mention of Karan made by Preeta but grows much more worried about Preeta’s condition. She doesn’t want any wrong effect on Preeta’s mind. Furthermore, Rajveer questions Shrishti about Karan. Shrishti is speechless. She doesn’t know what to answer him.


On the other hand, Preeta’s call for Karan reaches him somehow. Karan feels like his Preeta has called him. He stops the car and appears shocked. Rishabh asks him if he is okay. Karan takes Preeta’s name. Rishabh is worried for Karan. Karan feels Preeta is alive and she is calling him. The same intuition strikes Rakhi, who still feels connected to Preeta’s heart, after throwing her out of their lives ruthlessly. Will Preeta regain her memory? Keep reading.


Sarkar gets emotional at the news that he is going to become a father. Manmeet tells Meet that Sarkar got emotional and he will unite with Yashoda. He congratulates Sarkar for the good news. Manmeet tells Yashoda that Sarkar will come and tell her that he won’t get remarried. He adds that Sarkar will not leave her after knowing about her pregnancy. Sarkar comes with sweets and tells that she likes Rasgulla a lot. He feeds her the entire bowl of sweets. He asks her how much will she stoop. He scolds her for cheating him, by joining hands with Meet.

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Karan senses Preeta:

Rakhi tells Kareena that she is feeling strange, like something bad is going to happen to her loved one. She adds that she dropped the plate by mistake when she sensed the bad intuition, and Nidhi came to scold her. Kareena tells that the bad will happen with their enemy, Nidhi. She curses Nidhi. Rakhi tells that she feels the same intuition even now. Kareena asks her not to worry. Rakhi prays to Kanha ji for her loved ones. Rajveer takes care of Preeta. Shrishti comes there and shouts to ask what had happened to Preeta. Preeta faints down. Shrishti shouts at the people.

She asks Vipin to call the doctor. She asks Rajveer to lift Preeta and take her. They rush Preeta to the hospital. Shrishti asks about Preeta’s condition. The lady tells that Preeta was trying to stop the marriage, she was breaking things and shouting at them, so they felt her mental state isn’t okay, and they asked her to leave. Shrishti shouts that Preeta isn’t mad. The bride’s father tells that Preeta was behaving like an insane person and she didn’t listen to them when they asked her to leave. She slaps a man and breaks things there. She asks them is she mad in their eyes if she breaks a few things. She lectures them against saying bad about Preeta. She tells that her sister said the truth, and marriage means destruction.

She asks the bride to not get married. Rajveer and Shrishti try to get some help. They get a lift and go to the nearest hospital. Rajveer asks Preeta to open her eyes. Shrishti and Rajveer ask Preeta not to scare them. She is glad that Rajveer stayed calm and took care of Preeta, unaware that she is his mother. She tells him that children don’t even look after their parents at these times. She tells that she is happy seeing his worry for his mother. He asks why is she saying Preeta is his mother, she is his Maasi.

She tells that Maasi is also like a mother. She asks him to promise, that he will always take care of Preeta. Rajveer asks her not to say such things. He asks the driver to drive faster. They soon reach the hospital. Shrishti asks Gautam to call the ward boys. Rajveer brings Preeta out of the car. He puts her on a stretcher and takes her.

Preeta takes Karan’s name. Karan feels something and loses his focus on the road while driving. Rishabh screams and controls the steering when Karan hits a car. He asks Karan what is he doing. Karan tells that Preeta has called him. The car owner comes to them and argues for compensation. Rishabh apologizes to them. He asks Karan if he is okay. He tells that he will drive and they will go back home. Karan tells that they have to go to the dinner meeting. Rishabh doesn’t listen to him. He asks the manager to apologize to the clients for canceling the meeting. Rishabh asks Karan to relax.

He wants Karan to be fine. Rishabh tells that they will go home. He asks Karan what’s the matter. Karan is still lost. Shrishti and Rajveer ask the doctor to save Preeta’s life. The doctor asks them how Preeta get injured. Rajveer tells about the incident that took place at Vipin’s wedding. Shrishti cries. The doctor asks him not to worry, and that nothing will happen to his mother. Shrishti looks at Rajveer. Rishabh brings Karan home. Rakhi asks what happened to Karan. Karan tells that he is okay. Rishabh tells Rakhi that Karan has a regular headache. Karan doesn’t want to tell anything to Rakhi.

Nidhi reaches them. She asks Karan is he okay. Karan tells that he is okay. Rishabh makes Karan rest. Rakhi asks Karan not to take tension about little things. Nidhi limits her from talking to Karan. She asks her to stay calm and not talk to Karan, or else his headache will pain more. She asks Girish to get medicines for Karan. Rishabh gets upset with Nidhi. He asks Nidhi to come out and talk to him. Rakhi asks Rishabh to speak to the doctor about Mahesh’s stomach pain. She doesn’t want him to take Nidhi’s class. She sends Rishabh from there. Nidhi gets irritated by Rakhi. Karan imagines Preeta by his side.

Karan and Preeta share a moment when she applies the ointment to his head and relieves his pain. Nidhi gets the medicine. She asks Rakhi to get out of the room because she isn’t able to help Karan. Nidhi tells that Rakhi should leave for good. Karan asks Nidhi to shut up because she is increasing his pain. Rakhi tells that she will go and get haldi milk for Karan’s relief. Nidhi shouts at Girish for getting the wrong medicines. She goes to get the medicines. Rajveer breaks down thinking of the incident. Shrishti consoles him. She tells that she didn’t see him crying ever.

She asks him is he okay. He tells that he isn’t okay, because he can’t see Preeta in such a condition, she is like his mother. He feels hurt seeing her in pain. He tells that he will not leave those people. He swears on his mother. He tells them that he will break their bones and kill them. Shrishti asks him to stop such nonsense. She asks will he become a goon and kill people. She rebukes him. He tells that he can’t see Preeta in pain. He adds that every son would feel the same. Shrishti thinks he is feeling much pain because he is Preeta’s son. She tells that it happens, and he is right. The nurse tells that Preeta had much blood loss. She goes to arrange the blood. Shrishti and Rajveer pray for Preeta.


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