Anupama 22nd March 2023 Written Update Bad end

Anupama 22nd March 2023 Written Update Bad end

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Anupama 22nd March 2023 Written Update Bad end Shah family tries to cheer up Anupama when they find her upset over Anuj’s absence. Vanraj also joins the family. Anupama imagines Anuj and Anu coming home and joining the Holi fun. She gets joyful. She realizes it was just a dream. She thinks her dream will not turn true. The family asks her to play the Holi with them. Dheeraj brings Anuj there, who isn’t happy seeing Anupama dance, play and enjoy holi with the family. He remembers how Anu left them. He feels Anupama isn’t affected by Anu’s leaving. Devika gets glad to see Anuj. She asks Anupama to see Anuj. Anupama is overjoyed and runs to Anuj. She takes the Holi colors to wish Anuj.

She applies a tilak to him and wishes for him. She asks him if he won’t apply the colors to her. Anuj tells that the Holi isn’t a happy event for him. She asks why is he saying so. He yells at her in front of everyone. He asks her to stop the drama as nothing happened in their lives. Anupama asks Anuj why is he upset. Anuj asks her how can she sing and dance when she had lost her daughter. He criticizes Anupama for celebrating the festival with her family. He blames her for not caring for Anu or for his absence.

He tells that she has her children with her, so she isn’t lonely. He feels lonely. He taunts her for getting freed from Anu’s responsibility, which might have been a burden on her. He asks her to spend time with her family. He creates a huge drama and ends up insulting their relationship and love. Anuj asks her to play holi if she wants. He wishes her to stay happy. He clears that he isn’t happy. He walks out. Samar doesn’t want Anuj to hurt Anupama. She tells that nobody has a right to speak between Anuj and her. She runs after Anuj. Anuj sees a family with their daughter and misses Anu. Anupama cries profusely.

The Shah family discusses Anupama and Anuj’s differences. They feel Anuj has lost his mind because of Anu’s leaving. The family is worried for Anupama. Vanraj smiles. He tells that Anuj isn’t a perfect husband, as Anupama touts. He defends his actions. Hasmukh tells that he will go and explain to Anuj his mistakes. Vanraj asks them not to interfere in Anuj and Anupama’s relationship. Kinjal wishes everything gets okay between them. Anuj calls Maya to speak to Anuj. He is heartbroken. Anupama tries to pacify him. Anuj tells that he has no relationship with Anupama. He calls it over and leaves her broken.






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