1 Terrible twist in YRKKH expected to change track

1 Terrible twist in YRKKH expected to change track

1 Terrible twist in YRKKH expected to change track Akshara surprises Abhinav by planning their 1st-anniversary celebrations. She wishes him a happy anniversary. He is overwhelmed by her gesture. He tells that it’s their seventh anniversary. She tells that they were together for six years, but they weren’t united. She tells that they will now see their relationship with a different perception. She extends her hand. He holds her hand. They both plan to take their relationship to the next level. They share a moment.

Abhir shouts before fainting. Akshara and Abhinav are hugely shocked. They rush Abhir to the hospital. They learn about Abhir’s condition. Akshara tells that there is a hole in Abhir’s heart, and just Abhimanyu can save his life. She calls Abhimanyu to seek his help. Abhimanyu worriedly asks her if everything is okay. She sees Abhinav taking care of Abhir. She gets confused over sharing her problem with Abhimanyu. She has to risk many relationships in order to save her son’s life. Abhimanyu senses Abhir is in trouble. What will Akshara do now? Keep reading.


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Shiva beats up Shivank and asks him to never call him a relative. He doesn’t want to get associated with Raavi. Shiva has forgotten his marriage with Raavi. Rishita tells Dev that Shiva didn’t get better, and he assumes Dev and Raavi as husband and wife. She doesn’t want Dhara to make absurd plans. Suman and Dhara ask Rishita not to leave the house. Shivank enters the Pandya house. Dhara isn’t happy to see him. He holds a secret of Dhara’s past. He goes to ask her for money.

She asks him not to come to her for money. He tells her that he can tell the truth to Raavi, and if the truth comes out then her happy family will shatter again. He blackmails her. Dhara doesn’t want the secret to coming out. She gets helpless to give the money. Shivank gets Shweta’s call from jail. She asks him to come and bail her out. Shivank asks her is she okay. He tells that he is coming to meet her. Shivank meets Shweta and learns how the Pandyas got her arrested. She asks him to frame Krish in a fraud case. She counts her favors on him when he was a struggling actor in Mumbai.

He tells that he remembers everything and regards her Gurumaa. He is ready to do anything for her as long as she pays him money. She asks him to get the CCTV of the locality of the Holi eve and use it as proof against Krish. She wants to prove that she is still Krish’s wife, and he is cheating on her because of Prerna. She tells that she doesn’t care if she gets bail or not, but she wants to see Krish behind the bars. Shivank agrees to follow her instructions.


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