1 love moment in BALH brings Raghav Prachi closer

1 love moment in BALH brings Raghav Prachi closer

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1 love moment in BALH brings Raghav Prachi closer Prachi regrets not believing Raghav in the past when he was blamed for cheating on Marischa. She didn’t know what to believe because of the shocking news that Raghav loves her. She tells that she doesn’t prepare to handle the truth that her best friend loves her and kept his feelings a secret. Prachi now believes that Raghav’s character is good and true, and he can never do wrong with Sania. She doesn’t want to shame their friendship by blindly following Josh’s footsteps like the last time. She clears her to stand for Josh. She tells that she will stand by Raghav this time and prove his innocence because it’s her faith in her best friend.

She doesn’t care if Josh turns upset. Prachi rushes to the office lift. She stumbles and falls over Raghav. They both have a moment of love. Raghav gets reminded of his love for Prachi. Prachi too feels love for him. Raghav sweetly asks her to get away, since he will be facing another allegation of misconduct. She is shocked by his taunt that she didn’t believe him when he needed her trust. She tells him that she isn’t going to accuse him of anything wrong because she knows he isn’t wrong in Sania’s case also. She asks him not to think low about her. He tells that he doesn’t know who to trust these days because mostly everyone is dual-faced.

She tells that she is Prachi, and he has no idea how much she is worried for him. He reminds her that she was missing from his life for three years. He tells that she never stood up for him when the people insulted him and accused him right in front of her. She replies that they were best friends and should have shared their feelings. She asks why didn’t he share his feelings by trusting her when he loved her. He is hurt that she didn’t stand for him.

She tells that she couldn’t understand how to react when his feelings got known to her in a shocking way. He tells that he would have never revealed his feelings to her, but he has no control over his heart and that he loves her. He tells that he didn’t wish to burden her with his love, and chose to stay as his friend. She knows him well. She tells that this time she will stand by him. She promises that she will not stay silent this time, she will find a solution and clear his name.



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