2 New entries in Kundali Bhagya Story Dig out

2 New entries in Kundali Bhagya Story Dig out

2 New entries in Kundali Bhagya Story Dig out this week. Palki and Mahi are the two new characters in the show. They are sisters, just like Preeta and Shrishti. Palki is a doctor, who loves her chirpy and naughty sister Mahi a lot. More about Palki’s life is seen. Mahi asks Palki not to cry and emotionally blackmail her. Mahi tells that she has broken many hearts of her lovers, and Palki can treat them now. Palki tells that she is back in the family, and she was excited to come home from the hostel and stay with Mahi. She finds the room messed up. She starts cleaning the room. She asks Palki to chill and not boss her around all the time. She tells that Palki wants perfection in everything but it’s not possible.

Palki hugs her. She tells that she missed Mahi a lot. Mahi tells that if Palki gets someone, then they will end up fighting all day. She adds that she should get someone who falls nervous in front of her. Palki gets reminded of Rajveer. Mahi asks her if she has found someone. She asks about the guy. She asks Palki to please tell her. Palki tells that she met someone today, but it was because of an accident case. Mahi asks was he cute. Palki tells maybe he was cute. Mahi asks her to befriend him.


Palki asks her to stop the nonsense. Mahi asks her to change her life and get some interest in love. She is happy that Palki has finally liked a guy. Palki tells that she is not that type. Mahi tells that Palki should become like that type and woo that guy. She feels Palki will be happy with that guy if they both are doctors and can respect their profession. Palki tells that she doesn’t want a marry a doctor. She is mistaken that Rajveer is a doctor. She asks Mahi not to pull her leg. They share a strong sisterly bond.


Manmeet and Meet reach the court for their divorce. Meet gets defamed and the media also disrespects her. Manmeet stands by Meet when he fails to tolerate the wrong happening. Manmeet gives the right statement and makes Meet win. He makes Meet win the case. He apologizes for his disgusting act. He gives her a little surprise and cheers her. He hopes she will forgive him. Sarkar gets mad at Meet. Manmeet is good at heart but doesn’t express his feelings. Meet has a soft corner in her heart for Manmeet.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2:

Prachi tells that they shall talk calmly and find a solution to help Raghav. She adds that it’s about Raghav and his character. She yells that he is innocent. She tells Josh that he doesn’t know Raghav, but she knows him since childhood and she has total faith in him. Raghav isn’t surprised. He is hurt that she didn’t support him three years back when he was insulted and thrown out of her house. He doesn’t want anyone’s help. He tells that he has decided to quit the work, he is no longer working for Lakhan and Josh and he is not regretful about it. He adds that he is okay to handle things alone and doesn’t want their help.

Prachi, Angad, and Pihu are equally worried for Raghav. They want Raghav to fight back and expose Sania’s truth. Pihu suspects that Josh has framed Raghav by planting Sania in his life. Raghav tells that it’s too late to find out anything and prove Josh wrong because the conspiracy has already caused much harm. Lakhan grows angered when he finds Josh celebrating Raghav’s exit. Will Raghav’s innocence get proven?


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