3 Upcoming twists in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein

3 Upcoming twists in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein

3 Upcoming twists in Imlie Yeh Hai Chahatein Imlie attempts to escape from Dhairya’s clutches. She is much delighted when she finds Atharv. Atharv is happy to meet Imlie. They both hug. Dhairya tells that Imlie is okay. He blames Atharv for Mohan’s murder. Atharv tells that he isn’t lying and he didn’t kill Mohan. He tells that Dhairya had killed Mohan. Dhairya asks him not to blame him for every crime he does. They both get into a fight. Imlie stops them and tells them that they both are innocent. She tells that Atharv was with her at the time when someone murdered Mohan, and even though Dhairya is innocent, someone else has murdered Mohan and they have to find that culprit. Atharv gets angered seeing Dhairya getting close to Imlie. Dhairya wants to snatch Imlie from Atharv, knowing she is Atharv’s happiness.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:


Samrat is taken aback when Nayantara gets Mansi home. Nayantara asks Samrat to take efforts for his son. Samrat wants to know why is she behaving strangely. He expects her to understand his love. Mansi reveals her plan to Nayantara. She used Aaliya in her plan to blackmail Nayantara. She recalls how she had used Aaliya’s MMS to blackmail Nayantara and make her out of Samrat’s life. Nayantara is doing everything to save Aaliya’s respect. Mansi doesn’t care for anyone. Nayantara feels ashamed of Mansi. Mansi tells that Nayantara is her puppet. She wants her to leave the house. Nayantara tells the truth to Ishani. She tells how Mansi is blackmailing her about Aaliya’s MMS. They together make a plan to expose Mansi. Mansi reveals to Samrat about Prem’s kidnapping.

Teri Meri Doriyaan:

Angad tracks Seerat. He tells Sahiba that he has found Seerat and he is going to meet her. He decides to confront Seerat. He tells that he will prove Sahiba and her family’s crime when he returns home. He adds that he will bid farewell to Sahiba. She gets worried for Seerat. Angad reaches the location to meet Seerat. Seerat calls Garry and asks him if he left her alone. She tells that he is coming in some time. Angad goes to meet Seerat. He wants to know why she had run away from the marriage. He wants his answers. He tells her that she has to answer all his questions and for whose sake did she abandon him? Seerat is shocked to see him. Sahiba wants to visit her dad’s house. Angad returns home with Seerat’s answers. He tells that he will fulfill Sahiba’s first wish. She is left surprised by his gesture.


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