Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Palki meets Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Palki meets Shaurya

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Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Palki meets Shaurya Palki meets Shaurya and finds him a bad guy. She scolds him a lot. She stops his jeep after seeing his rash driving. He asks her how dare she come in his way and stop him. She lectures him. Shaurya turns angry, but he develops a liking for her. She gets angered over his rudeness. She returns home and thinks of soft-spoken Rajveer. She thinks about how different are Rajveer and Shaurya. She feels happy to meet Rajveer. She likes Rajveer. Palki and Rajveer’s love story will begin. Rajveer decides to teach a lesson to Shaurya. Later, Shaurya is seen recalling Palki’s words. Rajveer also thinks of Palki. Preeta’s memory will be returning soon.

Rajveer takes the police to the Luthra house. Shaurya heads to the farmhouse. A big twist comes in the show. Nidhi becomes a negative character and is seen as troubling the Luthras. A love triangle will begin between Shaurya, Palki, and Rajveer. Palki tells her sister about her meeting with Rajveer and Shaurya. She tells that she felt happy to meet Rajveer, but got upset when she met Shaurya. She describes them as poles apart in personality and behavior. She wishes she never meets Shaurya again but looks forward to meeting Rajveer. Keep reading for a quick update on Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2023.

Radha Mohan:

Mohan takes a stand for Radha. He tells Radha not to clarify because nobody can read the truth in her eyes. He knows Kadambari doesn’t like Radha because she is her Bahu. He asks what about her daughter Ketki, who she loves and likes a lot. He asks if she couldn’t read the truth in Ketki’s eyes and know her pain. Kadambari is shocked by Mohan’s revelation that even Ketki had fallen prey to Bhushan’s evil. Kadambari goes to see Ketki. Bhushan asks if he had come home to get insulted or play Holi with the family.

He threatens of leaving the house. Kadambari asks Ketki what had happened to her. Radha asks Ketki to speak up. Radha and Mohan become Ketki’s strength and encourage her to speak up. Mohan apologizes for not understanding her pain before. Bhushan gets worried when Mohan exposes him. Mohan tells that he missed doing a brother’s duty and keep his promise. Ketki hugs him and breaks down. Ketki tells them that Bhushan is a devil. Kadambari and the rest of the family members are in shock to know that Bhushan didn’t even spare Ketki. Bhushan tries to escape. Gungun hits a stone at him and stops him.

Kundali Bhagya 30th March 2023 Written Update Palki meets Shaurya:

Preeta recalls Shrishti, who tried to stop her from going to Mumbai. Preeta tells her that she can’t let Rajveer go alone. Shrishti asks her not to get into Rajveer’s words, he already has a good job and he wants to quit it and go to Mumbai. Preeta tells that she will not leave him alone, she will accompany him and support him. Shrishti tells that Mumbai city won’t suit them, the people aren’t good and may trouble Preeta. Preeta tells that she has faith, she will not meet any bad person there and she will just have good memories. She is happy to lose her bad memories.

She tells that she is lucky to get a sister like Shrishti. She adds that she will protect Rajveer. Shrishti hugs her. She is sad that they lost many relationships in that city and Preeta lost her memory too. Preeta wishes that she gets everything that she lost in the past. She also wishes to get her lost memories. She stumbles. Rajveer holds her and asks her if is she okay. She tells that she is okay. Palki tells that the bus driver will take them to the city hospital for treatment. Rajveer tells that he is okay. She tells that a doctor can’t treat himself. Preeta smiles and asks Rajveer to come. Palki’s dupatta flies and gets stuck in his watch. They have a romantic moment. He helps her.

She tells that she is giving the people’s responsibility to him. He agrees. On the other hand, Shaurya and his friends enjoy the party at his farmhouse. Shaurya drops his phone again and recalls Preeta’s words. He wonders why is he thinking about that lady. He tells that they will party in the Mumbai club. He convinces them and they leave for Mumbai. Rajveer gets the aid. The doctor tells that the doctor who treated the patients did the aid well. Rajveer smiles and recalls Palki. Doctor tells that Rajveer might have liked that doctor, and she might be a girl. He asks what was her name. Rajveer denies it. He tells that he didn’t ask her name, but she was a nice girl. Doctor tells that he was so lost in her eyes that he didn’t ask her name. He tells that the girl is special to Rajveer and he has fallen in love with her. Rajveer gets a wide smile on his face.

Palki gets her dad’s call and wonders if he got to know that she has come back to their city. She wants to surprise her family. She sees Shaurya driving recklessly and some kids crossing the road. She runs and puts the barricade in front of the jeep. She saves the kids. Shaurya looks at her. She yells at him for risking innocent lives. He asks her how dare she stop his way. He threatens her. He clears the barricade. She stops him. She asks him to stop misbehaving. He doesn’t listen to her. He asks her to be careful next time and not dare to stop him, or else he will knock her down.

Sandy asks Palki to join them and befriend Shaurya. Shaurya asks Sandy what happened to his choice. He belittles Palki and drives away. Palki fumes in anger and gets a bad impression of him. She rushes to her aunt’s home. She meets her Bua. She tells that she didn’t tell anyone at home that she is coming. Bua tells that Mahi would be knowing it, Mahi is her secret keeper and knows everything. Palki hugs Bua ji. She tells that she will go home and meet dad. Mahi is seen pampering herself. Palki comes home and meets her dad. She gives the good news that she passed with good numbers.

Khurana is happy that she will become a doctor. She tells that she will become a junior doctor. He is proud of her that a compounder’s daughter has become a doctor. Mahi meets Palki and congratulates her. The sisters admire each other. Palki’s mum tells that Palki should have told them about her arrival. She acts annoyed. Palki tells that her mum is her everything. Her mum tells that Palki loves her dad who is supporting her studies by keeping the family hungry. Palki apologizes and promises to call her first before coming next time. Mahi takes Palki with her. Palki’s dad Daljeet appears unhappy. Khurana asks Daljeet to give some love to Palki.

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