Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2023 Written Update Love proof

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2023 Written Update Love proof

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Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2023 Written Update Love proof Rishi fears Lakshmi leaving the house. He realizes that if he marries Malishka and Lakshmi gets married to someone else, then Lakshmi will leave Oberoi’s house forever. Now that he has realized his love, he finds it difficult to live without Lakshmi. Shalu is afraid that Rishi might hide his feelings even in a drunken state. She wants him to confess love to Lakshmi. She says that Rishi might not tell Lakshmi that he loves her. Ayush tells that a person doesn’t stay in his senses when he is intoxicated and Rishi won’t be able to control his mind, he will surely confess his feelings to Lakshmi, no matter what.

Rishi and Lakshmi think of each other. Lakshmi recalls his love confession and gets a smile on her face. Rishi imagines Lakshmi as his Radha. He becomes her Kanha. She asks him why he asks his mother if Radha will love him or not. He tells that he had a reason to ask that question because he is dusky and she is fair. She is upset that he didn’t ask the question to her. She applies some charcoal on her face and tells her that she has also become like him now.

She tells that she has become of his complexion and now he can’t doubt her that she doesn’t love him. He tells that she is a symbol of love, and he never doubted her, he had doubted himself but she has now cleared all his doubts. He tells that he loves her a lot. Later, Rishi goes to Lakshmi and tells her that he is in love. Malishka is worried watching their moment. The entire family witnesses the moment when Lakshmi admits that he is in love with Lakshmi. He confesses love to Lakshmi. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2023.

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st April 2023 Written Update Love proof:

Rishi and Lakshmi are seen dancing to Radha-Krishna’s song in his dream. Lakshmi sees Rishi staring at her. Ayush asks Shalu to give the bhaang pill. He adds it to the thandai and takes it to Rishi. He asks Rishi where is he lost. Rishi tells that he was seeing Radha-Krishna’s love story and he had become Krishna. Ayush tells that Lakshmi was Radha. He knows Rishi loves Lakshmi and he just has to push him to confess his feelings. Sonia insults Neha. Neha defends her status and class. Bani finds them arguing. Neha asks Sonia how much she did earn till now. She doesn’t want Sonia to spend her dad’s earnings.

She calls Sonia a low-class person. Bani asks Sonia and Bani to stop arguing. Sonia insults Bani too. Bani tells that they have come for Lakshmi’s sake, Virender and Rishi got Lakshmi home and Sonia should think if she is against her own family. Sonia scolds his friend for showing interest in Neha. Ayush insists Rishi drink the thandai so that he appears cool. Rishi finishes the thandai. Ayush tells that he will get the courage to confess everything. Rishi asks what he means.

Ayush asks him to go to Lakshmi and talk to her. Ayush and Shalu get happy seeing Rishi going to Lakshmi. Ayush tells that Shalu and his pairing are amazing. He watches Rishi and Lakshmi. He tells that he wants to see their romance. Shalu asks him to give them space. Rano collides with Sonal and Malishka. She tells that she was going to eat the laddoos, which Lakshmi fed to her some time back. Sonal and Malishka realize that their plan failed. They plan to take Rano away and settle her. Malishka tells that she will not spare Lakshmi. They follow Rano and try to take her away from the family.

They settle Rano and rush away. Rishi asks Lakshmi why is she sitting alone. She tells that she is liking it, she is watching everyone and relaxing. Rishi feels intoxicated. Ayush prays that Shalu tells I love you to him. She asks what is he saying. He says that he wishes Rishi tells I love you to Lakshmi. Rishi worries when his vision gets blurred. He rubs his eyes and sees Lakshmi. He laughs seeing her. Lakshmi asks what is he seeing. He tells that he is seeing her. He asks her to come. She asks where he wants to go. He asks if is she scared of him. She says no. He asks does she trust him. She says yes.

He asks her to just do as he says, it’s their first Holi when they are together by their hearts. He takes her and dances with her. He celebrates Holi with her. Ayush and Shalu laugh. They also join the dance. They try to bring Rishi and Lakshmi together. Malishka and Sonal don’t understand why Rishi is behaving strangely. The family watches Rishi’s awkward dance. Malishka suspects that someone had spiked Rishi’s drink. She wonders if he has fallen in love with Lakshmi. Neelam also thinks someone had spiked Rishi’s thandai. Virender tells Dadi that Rishi loves Lakshmi. Dadi also thinks the same.

He doesn’t know if Rishi is aware of it or not. He wishes Rishi and Lakshmi to get together. Rishi tells everyone that he has to tell something. Ayush and Shalu wait for his confession. Rishi says that he is lucky to get Lakshmi. He adds that Lakshmi looks delicate, but she is strong, brave, and fearless. He sings her praise. He calls her the best in making relationships from her heart and winning someone in seconds. He speaks up about his feelings. He tells that Lakshmi kept their marriage, but he failed. Shalu wishes he tells her that he loves Lakshmi. Ayush asks him to say I love you.

The lady asks Malishka why is Rishi playing Holi with his ex-wife. Malishka defends Rishi. She tells that Rishi knows his limits well, and he belongs to a good family. Karishma asks her to get seated. Sonal asks Malishka what is she thinking. Malishka is angry with herself, not with Rishi. She feels she must have fed the laddoos to Lakshmi. She tells that they can still drug Lakshmi. Rishi tells everyone that Lakshmi came into his life as his wife and changed his life completely. He asks them to imagine how Rishi had ruled over him through her domination, but he never felt bad, he liked it when she scolded him and stayed around him. He confesses his feelings. He tells that she is nice, true, and pure.

He compliments her smile. He asks her to smile from her heart once for his sake. He tells her that he will tickle her if she doesn’t smile. She stops him. Ayush and Shalu rejoice that their plan is working. Rishi insists Lakshmi. Lakshmi smiles at his request. He tells that it’s not the smile that he loves. He asks her to smile from her heart, the smile which gives him peace and ends his sorrow. Lakshmi smiles for his sake. He gets happy and calls it a perfect smile. He asks her to show her smile to everyone. He tells that it’s a magical smile. Neelam and Malishka lose their smile seeing Rishi’s craze for Lakshmi.






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