Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s surprise

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Prachi's surprise

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s surprise Dida is determined to convince Ranbir. She tells him that if they don’t decide the right thing at the right time, then they will not have anything in their lives. She regrets to say that he won’t get anyone, neither Rhea nor Prachi. She asks him to accept Rhea and move on in his life. Ranbir understands her, but his heart isn’t agreeing to move on. On the other hand, Prachi meets Ashok and Akshay at the office. She gives her resignation letter. Ashok asks who is resigning. She tells that it’s her resignation letter and she is quitting her job. She tells that she wants to resign from her position in the office.

Akshay is shocked and wonders if she is hugely disappointed with his proposal that she is leaving the job and going away from his life. Fortunately, the bad news will be seen changing into a surprise for Akshay, when Prachi decides to move on with him. She replies to his proposal with a yes. Prachi accepts Akshay’s marriage proposal and becomes Ashok’s Bahu just for the sake of Rhea’s happiness, which lies in Ranbir. Prachi makes a sacrifice once again for her sister’s happiness. Will Ranbir learn the news of Prachi accepting Akshay’s proposal? Keep reading for a quick update on Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023.


Pandya Store:

Dhara reveals the truth about Shivank, that he used to misbehave with her and had blackmailed her about the share in the Pandya store. She also reveals that she had given a hefty amount to Shivank to settle the legal matter. The family is shocked to know about Shivank’s evil side. She tells that Shivank had looted the money by threatening her. Suman asks Gautam and Dev to catch Shivank and bring him home. She wants to ask him how dare he fraud them. Gautam and Dev take Shiva’s help and nab Shivank. They bring him home and confront him about the fraud. Shivank denies the blames. He tells that he didn’t take any money from Dhara. Dhara tells that she has proof against Shivank. She gets the checkbook to show the entry but fails to prove anything against him. Will Shivank get a clean chit?

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s surprise:

Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to become the old Rhea. She explains to Dida that Ranbir and Prachi will decide for their lives, and it’s their choice to return to each other if they want, they have become mature and they can let them decide by their self-will. Ranbir is glad to hear this. He is proud of Rhea. Dida asks Rhea if doesn’t she love Ranbir. Rhea tells that she isn’t the old Rhea who was mad to get Ranbir in her life. She is the new Rhea who wants to stay with the family and find peace. She wants the Kohli family. She tells that it’s wrong if Dida chooses her as Prachi’s replacement in Ranbir’s life.

She doesn’t want to be chosen just because Prachi has come back. She has no problem if Ranbir decides to choose Prachi and marry her again. She tells that she will be happy with Ranbir’s decision. Dida blesses Rhea. Ranbir recalls Rhea’s words. He never expected such a drastic change in her. Aryan meets him. He tells that he has seen Pallavi and Vikram fighting. Ranbir asks about the matter. Aryan asks him to guess the reason. Ranbir understands that they are fighting about his marriage. Aryan asks him to talk to the family clearly and end the confusion.

Ranbir tells that he doesn’t know what he wants, he has no clarity, and his life is getting complicated. Aryan tells that he will get fainting after seeing Ranbir’s enormous confusion. Ranbir asks him to go. Aryan tells that he won’t leave Ranbir and go. He knows Ranbir needs him. Ranbir tells that he wants to stay alone for some time. Aryan makes a leave. Dida reaches Ranbir to emotionally torture him. She tells that he doesn’t take care of himself and he is playing with his life and happiness.

He asks what did he do. She doesn’t want the old things to repeat. She tells that Prachi has come back, but not in his life. She asks him to understand why Rhea doesn’t want to marry him. She fears that time will pass and Ranbir will spend his life alone. She tells that he will get neither Rhea nor Prachi. Ranbir gets more confused after hearing this. He doesn’t know what to do. He sees the moon and wants to know what to do that his life comes to calm.

Akshay comes to the office. He asks the staff lady if Prachi has come. She tells that Prachi didn’t come, but Ashok has come and he is waiting for him in his cabin. She wishes him all the best. She tells that Ashok has told them about the proposal and they all wish Prachi agrees to his proposal. Prachi comes to the office. She also gets the wishes for Akshay’s proposal. The staff lady thinks Akshay is the best and Prachi will look the best with him. Akshay gets tense seeing Prachi coming. He rushes to Ashok and tells him that Prachi is coming. Ashok and Akshay pretend to be engrossed in work when Prachi comes there.

Akshay tells that the laptop got shut, and maybe it’s also nervous like him. Prachi greets them. Ashok tells that they were discussing deal quotations. Prachi hands over the resignation letter. Ashok asks who is resigning. She tells that she is resigning from work. Akshay is stunned by her decision. He fears that he had disappointed her a lot. Ranbir comes to his office. The manager asks him to have a look at the presentation once. Ranbir tells that he trusts him. Ranbir likes the presentation. He gets lost in Prachi’s thoughts, which angers him. He scolds the manager by mistake. He realizes that he did wrong.

Prachi tells that she is thankful to Ashok for trusting her and giving her work. She goes to her cabin to collect her stuff. Ashok is stunned. Akshay asks Prachi why is she resigning. Prachi tells that he knows the reason for it. He tells that he doesn’t know it and wants to know it from her. She tells that she regarded him as a good friend and she can’t think of having any other relationship with him. She asks him why doesn’t he understand that she can’t marry him. Akshay tells that he wants to know the reason for it. She refuses to accept his proposal because she isn’t ready for any relationship. She respects him a lot. She tells that she didn’t tell him anything in front of the people, because she was in shock.

She clears the matter and rejects his proposal. She apologizes to him. She tells that it will get awkward if she works in the same office from now. She tells that she is very sorry and she doesn’t want to talk about him. She feels her resignation is the best option for them. Even Ashok fails to stop her. Prachi makes a leave. Ashok tells Akshay that he will talk to Prachi. Akshay gets heartbroken and cries. Ranbir doesn’t pay attention to the presentation. He reacts in anger and asks the staff to leave him alone. The manager asks his approval to send the files. Ranbir apologizes to them. He tells that he isn’t able to focus. He doesn’t want Prachi’s thoughts to run through his mind. He feels everyone has moved on in their lives, Prachi has moved on and even Rhea has moved on.

He also wants to move on. He wonders why is he stuck in his life. He tells that Prachi was okay with Akshay’s proposal. He thinks to go out and have some fresh air. He limits his mind from thinking about Prachi. Prachi thinks of Ranbir and Rhea. Ashok stops Prachi from leaving. He tells her that she is his daughter and she can’t leave. She asks him not to stop her. He tells that he won’t let her get hurt. He asks her to fight with Akshay and scold him, but not leave the company. He asks her not to leave him. He tells that he can’t afford to lose her. She tells that she will not stay back. He tells her that they will lose the big project if she leaves the job. He asks her to complete the work she had taken in her hands. He adds that she can’t leave without giving notice. She asks him to understand, that he can’t stop her from leaving. Akshay comes there. Prachi gets reminded of his proposal.


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