Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Big jolt

Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Big jolt

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Big jolt Rajveer returns to the pub and catches Shaurya. He takes the police there. He tells Shaurya that he has recognized him and will get him punished for his crime. He adds that he will not spare him this time. Shaurya asks him why did he get the police. Rajveer wants to teach him a lesson. He says that he will send Shaurya to jail and the latter won’t get bail. He scolds Shaurya for hurting his mother. Nidhi calls Shaurya at the same time and learns the matter when the call connects. Shaurya asks Rajveer if he will send him to jail. He catches Rajveer’s collar and asks how he dares talk to him in a loud tone.

He pushes Rajveer over a table and hurts him. Rajveer gets angry and gets into a fight with Shaurya. Inspector tries to stop them and warns them to stop the fight. They both don’t listen. The fight gets intense when they injure each other. Nidhi hears their argument and worries for Shaurya. She wonders who is the guy daring to file a case against Shaurya Luthra. Before she can arrange help for Shaurya, she finds Rakhi and Kareena around. Rakhi suspects that Nidhi is hiding something.

Rakhi gets a hint of the tense matter and asks Nidhi to tell her what happened to Shaurya. She says that Shaurya is her grandson and she has a right to know about him. She holds Nidhi’s hand and demands an answer. Nidhi stares at Rakhi in anger that the latter has held her hand. Rakhi leaves her hand and asks her to tell her about Shaurya. Nidhi tells the family about Shaurya’s arrest. Rakhi is shocked to know this. The news soon reaches Karan, who rushes to his son’s rescue. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd April 2023 Written Update Big jolt:

Rajveer makes the tea for everyone. Palki helps Preeta and arranges the clothes in the cupboard. He gets the tea and serves them. He gets into a moment with Palki. Bua ji likes the tea and asks him to occupy the other room. Palki tells that she will go home now because her parents are waiting. Preeta asks her not to forget her and keep coming to meet her. Palki tells that even she is glad to meet her. Preeta teases Rajveer about Palki. He tells that Palki is nice. She laughs that he is thinking of Palki. Daljeet asks Mahi to come and have food. She tells that she is tired of doing all the work alone.

Mahi comes for dinner. Khurana asks her to help her mom in the kitchen. Daljeet asks him to not tell anything Mahi, but Palki. She asks where is Palki. Palki comes home. She asks Daljeet to sit, she will do all the work. Khurana praises her. Palki does the work. Mahi wonders why dad favors Palki and mom favors her. Khurana tells that he doesn’t want to have food. Palki asks him not to insult the food. She tells that she helped Gurpreet Bua in getting the tenants. She narrates how she found those nice people.

Khurana tells that it would be nice if Palki found them. Palki tells about Preeta and Rajveer. Palki thinks of Rajveer. Rajveer recalls Preeta’s problems. He tells that he hates Karan a lot and he will never forget him. Preeta comes there but doesn’t see Karan’s picture on his phone. She asks him to talk to Shrishti. She doesn’t want Shrishti to know about her injury. Shrishti feels lonely without them.

Preeta asks Shrishti to come to them. Shrishti asks him to take care of Preeta and himself. Rajveer wants to take care of Preeta. He tells that she is his moon and he is her cloud, he will always cover her up, she is hurt and he will not spare that person. He thinks of the jeep owner who had put Preeta’s life in danger. Nidhi waits for Shaurya. She wishes he doesn’t get into any problems, because she will get blamed for it. Shaurya answers her call. She asks him why wasn’t he taking her calls. He apologizes. He asks her not to shout on him. Rajveer reaches Shaurya. He is shocked to see Shaurya as the jeep owner. Shaurya tells Nidhi that he was partying.

Rajveer tells the inspector that Shaurya is the one who was driving the jeep and who did the bus accident deliberately and put the people’s lives in danger. Shaurya asks Rajveer does he want money. Nidhi asks Shaurya to make her talk to Rajveer. Rajveer threatens Shaurya. Shaurya asks him if will he get him arrested. He fights Rajveer. Nidhi asks him to calm down. Nidhi gets afraid that Shaurya has fallen into new trouble now. Mahi tells Palki that she doesn’t know which guy deserves her. Palki tells that everything is already written in their Kundali Bhagya. Mahi asks her what kind of guy she likes. Palki gets reminded of Rajveer while hearing the guy’s description from Mahi. She thinks of Shaurya when Mahi describes the other option also. Mahi understands Palki likes the first option. She asks Palki to share her thoughts.

Palki asks her to let her sleep because she has to go to work in the morning. Mahi suspects that there is a guy in Palki’s life. Rajveer tells that he will get Shaurya arrested. He tells that many people would have died if the bus fell down the cliff. He asks Shaurya to realize the truth. He tells that Shaurya had intentionally troubled the bus driver. He feels fortunate to get saved. Shaurya asks him to get lost. He fights with Rajveer. Inspector asks the constables to arrest Shaurya and his friends. Shaurya gets angry at Rajveer for speaking against him. He asks Rajveer if he knows who is he.

Rajveer tells that he won’t spare a person who risks others’ lives. Shaurya breaks a beer bottle on Rajveer’s head. Rajveer gets hurt. He sees the blood on his hands. He also hits Shaurya with a beer bottle. Shaurya gets injured too. Nidhi is restless to know what is happening there. Rakhi finds Nidhi crying and asks her about the matter. Nidhi tells that Shaurya isn’t answering. Kareena asks her what happened to Shaurya. Nidhi tells that she will handle her son. Rakhi asks her to tell them once. Nidhi calls Shaurya. Kareena and Rakhi ask her where is Shaurya. Rakhi demands an answer.






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