GHKPM Virat divorces Pakhi 3rd April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Virat divorces Pakhi 3rd April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Virat divorces Pakhi 3rd April 2023 Written Update Sai goes to check on Satya at his house. Sai meets Satya and his mother. He asks the reason for coming. Sai tells that she won the court case because she was falsely blames. She tells the reason that she came to return his phone. Satya’s family likes Sai. Sai tells that Satya wasn’t in his cabin, she called him and she got his phone. Bhavani calls Virat for a talk. He tells that he will talk to Pakhi and convince her to end their relationship. He shares that it’s a relationship and it’s not easy for him to end it abruptly. He asks her to give him some time to talk to Pakhi.

She tells that she had handled the family for years and she can just see Virat as the new head of the family. She prepares him to head the family and handle all the relationships. He tells that he spoke to the lawyer as well. She asks him to take the tough decisions and handle the family. She shares her life experiences. She tells that he has to break a few relationships to sustain other ones. She asks him not to fall weak. She adds that even she had taken such tough decisions in life. He understands her. He tells that he can’t hurt Pakhi’s heart and wants some time to handle the matter.


She tells that it’s a family matter now and she can help him. She asks him to handle Sai himself. Sai asks Satya why did he come home suddenly. He hides his family problem. His family gets to see their bonding and is happy. Bhavani asks Virat to propose to Sai for marriage instead of delaying things. She asks him to tell Sai that he wants to spend his life with her. She tells that things may get late if he doesn’t get the courage. She adds that he should express his feelings to Sai. She supports Sai who has proved her worth. She tells that Pakhi has ruined lives for her love. Sai spends time with Satya’s family.

The family praises Satya who knows everything. Satya tells that his family always projects him as a perfect man when any guests come home. Sai laughs hearing his funny jokes. The lawyer sends the divorce papers home. Vinayak receives the papers. The lawyer informs Virat about delivering the papers to his house. Virat learns that some kid has received the papers. He rushes to get the papers. Pakhi stops Vinayak from checking the papers. She gives the envelope to Virat. He doesn’t want Pakhi to see the papers.

Satya sends off Sai. The family wishes that Sai isn’t married to anyone. They wish that Satya and Sai unite. Virat hides the papers from Pakhi. He waits for Sai. Sai comes home and tells Virat that she had gone to meet Satya, so she got late. She asks him not to interfere in her personal life. He signs the divorce papers. He wants to tell Sai that he wants to spend his life with Sai and their children. Pakhi overhears him and receives a huge shock.


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