Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet. Rajveer shouts at Shaurya. He tells that he has got the police to get Shaurya arrested. He is angry that many people would have lost their lives because of his prank. He asks Shaurya to see the truth. He wants to show him the mirror. He tells that it was Shaurya’s mistake to overtake the bus and lead it to the accident. He feels fortunate that he got saved. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t care for anyone. He kicks Rajveer. He tells that he can’t help those people. He pushes the constables away in anger. Inspector stops him from fighting, but Shaurya doesn’t stop. Shaurya can’t tolerate anyone speaking against him.

He tells that Rajveer isn’t doing right by getting into a fight with him. He threatens Rajveer. Rajveer tells that he will get him arrested at any cost. Shaurya tells that Rajveer doesn’t know about his family. He adds that Rajveer can’t get him arrested. He challenges Rajveer. Rajveer and Shaurya’s fight gets intense. Rajveer decides to stop tolerating by being a good boy and give back what the evil people deserve. He doesn’t spare Shaurya for his evil. He swears to take revenge on him. Rajveer gets fearless.


Shaurya is mad at him for inviting trouble. Inspector and constables try to stop Shaurya and Rajveer’s fight. Nidhi knows that Shaurya is getting arrested. She has overheard Shaurya and Rajveer’s conversation, but she doesn’t want to divulge any details to Rakhi and Kareena. Rakhi wants to know about Shaurya’s problem. Nidhi makes Rakhi away from her. Shrishti calls Preeta and asks about Rajveer. She tells that he isn’t taking her calls. She tells Preeta that she is feeling restless and worried for Rajveer. She fears that something happened to Rajveer. Preeta also gets worried for Rajveer. She prays for his safety.

Rajveer and Shaurya get into much action and go on hurting each other. Nidhi tells Rakhi about Rajveer, who was telling Shaurya that he wants to take revenge for his mother’s pain. Rakhi gets emotional and asks Nidhi about Rajveer and his mother. Nidhi tells that she is afraid for Shaurya. Rakhi asks her to inform Karan about Shaurya’s problem. Will Preeta and Karan come face to face because of their sons? Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Preeran meet:

Shaurya gets angry seeing the blood on his palm. He breaks a glass bottle and asks Rajveer to come to fight. Inspector asks him to stop the nonsense. Shaurya asks why didn’t he stop Rajveer from spoiling his costly clothes. Rajveer tells that it’s not a game to play with someone’s life. Shaurya tells that Rajveer has come to the pub and ruined his entertainment. Shaurya and his friends try to flee from there by tricking the police. Rajveer asks them to stop. He takes a stick and throws it at Shaurya’s leg to stop him. Shaurya falls. He drops his phone there. Preeta feels worried and wakes up at night. She gets Shrishti’s call. She finds Shrishti worried for Rajveer and her.

Shrishti asks her if everything is okay, or if there is any stress. She asks about Rajveer. Preeta tells that there is nothing to worry about. She adds that she just woke up from sleep, they have found a nice house, Rajveer’s room is in front of her room and he is sleeping. Shrishti tells that she is worried for Rajveer since she didn’t talk to him for a long time. She tells that Rajveer isn’t answering her calls. She asks Preeta to make her talk to Rajveer.

Preeta tells that his sleep will get disturbed. She assures that she will make them talk in the morning. Shrishti agrees. Preeta thinks to check on Rajveer. Shaurya’s friend passes a hockey stick to him. Shaurya gears up for a fight with Rajveer. He goes to break Rajveer’s head. Rajveer gets saved from Shaurya’s intense hits. The police try to stop Shaurya’s friends from fleeing. Inspector gets engaged in a fight. Shaurya’s friend attacks the inspector. Shaurya and his friends try their best to get away from the police. Inspector calls the station and asks for more force to control the spoilt brats.

Rajveer tells that he will not spare Shaurya for hurting his Maasi. Shaurya tells that he will not spare Rajveer from getting the police. They both get into a serious fight. None of them lose. Shaurya asks Rajveer to see his power, he is so drunk but still, Rajveer can’t fight him. He boasts of his strength. Rajveer bashes him. Shaurya and Rajveer end up hurting each other. They fall to the ground. Shaurya overpowers him and punches him. Rajveer is no less. He gives it back to him with all his strength.

Kareena and Rakhi ask Nidhi to answer them, where is Shaurya and what happened to him? Rakhi tells that it’s about her grandson. She asks her to please tell them. Nidhi agrees to tell them. She tells that she doesn’t know where is Shaurya. She asks if is it her mistake to give him the wrong upbringing. She asks Kareena if will she blame her. She tells that she is Shaurya’s mother and loves him a lot, he isn’t wrong and he is getting framed by that guy for the sake of money. Rakhi tells that they will not blame her. She asks her to tell the matter to them. Nidhi asks her to promise that nobody will blame her.

She tells that she had called Shaurya, and he said about a guy who got the police there to arrest him. She reveals what she heard on the call. She tells that the guy was speaking about his revenge for his mother’s condition. Rakhi asks who is that guy and who is his mother. Nidhi tells that she doesn’t know about that guy. She just wants Shaurya to stay fine. Rakhi tells that they should tell Karan about it. Kareena tells that Karan will solve the matter and get Shaurya home. Shaurya asks Rajveer if will he come to his area and fight with him. He tells that the police can’t cause any harm to him.

He threatens Rajveer that he will destroy him. Rajveer asks Shaurya if he will destroy him. He hits Shaurya and laughs at his power. He asks Shaurya to come to his senses and then talk to him. He tells that Shaurya should be behind bars. Shaurya and his friends get arrested. Rajveer asks Shaurya to see his friends caught up. Shaurya warns Inspector. Inspector takes him. Nidhi calls Shaurya. The club bartender finds Shaurya’s phone ringing and answers the call. She asks about her son. He tells that police arrested Shaurya and his friends, and he left the phone by mistake. Nidhi is shocked. She tells Rakhi that Shaurya got arrested. Rakhi tells that only Karan can get Shaurya released.

Shaurya asks Rajveer to remember his words. Rajveer laughs and asks him to know he is going to the police station. He tells that he wishes to slap him and teach him the right. He adds that if Shaurya’s elder brother had slapped him, then he would have not been such a brat. Shaurya yells at him for getting personal. Inspector asks Rajveer to come to the police station to file the report. Nidhi goes to tell Karan about Shaurya. He asks her not to come to him with family matters. She tells that it’s urgent. He asks her to leave. Rakhi and Kareena ask Karan how can he talk to Nidhi like that.

They tell him about the important matter. Rakhi tells that he should give time to the family. Kareena understands his priorities. She tells that they are family and they will come to him when they have a problem, and he must help them. He apologizes and asks about the problem. Nidhi tells that Shaurya got arrested. He seems shocked. Preeta doesn’t find Rajveer in his room. She worries and calls Rajveer. She wonders where will she find him. Shaurya threatens the Inspector about his power and contacts. He tells that he can buy the police station and also the police officers. He boasts of his richness and asks the inspector to leave him free. Preeta calls Rajveer repeatedly.

Rajveer takes her call and goes out. Shaurya tries to bribe the Inspector. He tells the Inspector that he is Shaurya Luthra, son of Karan Luthra. Inspector asks why didn’t he tell this before. Shaurya gets confident that Inspector will become his puppet now. Preeta asks Rajveer where is he, Shrishti had called and she is also worried for him. She wants to know where did he go. He says that he is okay. He apologizes for his mistake to leave without informing her. She asks him to come back home. He tells that he is at the police station. She asks about the matter. He tells that he found the culprit who did the bus accident. She rushes to the police station.

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