YRKKH 3rd April 2023 Written Update Akshara warned

YRKKH 3rd April 2023 Written Update Akshara warned

YRKKH 3rd April 2023 Written Update Akshara warned by Manjiri. Abhinav and Akshara take care of Abhir. Abhir wants to go home and says that the doctors cheated him by doing a chest operation instead of the stomach. He asks if they will take his heart out. Abhinav cries. Akshara tells that they are going to Udaipur. Abhir is excited to meet everyone. They soon come to Udaipur, while Abhimanyu leaves on the trip with Aarohi and Ruhi. Abhir sees Abhimanyu on the way. He calls him. Abhimanyu feels like he heard Abhir’s voice, but he misses seeing him. Abhir knows Abhimanyu will know about his arrival. Abhir meets the Goenkas. He asks why are they pampering him so much. He wonders why are they appearing sad. Abhir’s condition makes them tense. Akshara asks Muskaan to be careful of Abhir’s condition.

Manish is upset that Akshara had hidden a big thing from the family. He didn’t expect them to hide the children’s health issues. He tells that he has a right to know about Abhir, who is a part of their family. Kairav tells that Abhimanyu won’t operate with Abhir. Abhinav asks him not to get adamant. Kairav explains to them that Abhimanyu isn’t the only doctor in Udaipur. He is sure that Akshara also wants to show Abhir to any other surgeon. Akshara is also against Abhimanyu, but she tells that Abhir’s life is much more important to her. She says that Abhimanyu will perform Abhir’s surgery. Abhimanyu tells Aarohi that he is never off duty, any patient can need him and he can’t be totally unavailable.


Kairav asks Akshara why she wants to get involved with Abhimanyu again. He advises her to avoid the drama. Surekha tells that fate doesn’t let Akshara and Abhimanyu part ways. Kairav tells Akshara that she has to hear the taunts from Abhimanyu’s family again. She tells that she can’t stop their actions. She adds that it’s about Abhir’s life, she will do anything for his sake and she will not step back. Abhinav wants to support Akshara in her battle. He tells that he will talk to Abhimanyu and convince him to perform the surgery. Surekha tells that Abhimanyu has gone to the resort with Aarohi and Ruhi for three days and he is not available on calls. Abhinav worries. He wants to reach Abhimanyu and convey about Abhir’s condition.

Akshara apologizes to Manish for hurting his heart. She pities her fate. She tells that Abhir fainted after the football match and she was busy struggling to arrange funds and accept his son’s illness. She feels she failed as a mother to not sense his son’s illness. She adds that she couldn’t become a good daughter and a good wife and mother, she has failed in all the relationships. She asks Manish to scold him. Manish feels he has failed to not sense her pain. He apologizes to her. He asks her to understand that he loves her and wants to protect her. He asks her to promise she will not hide any problems from him.

She tells him that Abhimanyu is the best option for Abhir. Manish asks her not to let any other related form with Abhimanyu, because Ruhi and Aarohi’s relationship is made with Abhimanyu now. Abhimanyu, Aarohi, and Ruhi take pictures in the photo booth. Aarohi gets happy seeing the changes in Abhimanyu’s behavior. Abhinav contacts Manjiri and apologizes for disturbing her. He says that Akshara had to come to Udaipur and they have to talk to Abhimanyu urgently. Manjiri grows worried that Akshara has come back. She doesn’t listen to him. He is worried that Manjiri disconnected the call when he called and asked for Abhimanyu. Manjiri reaches Goenka’s house to warn Akshara to stay away from Abhimanyu’s life.


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