Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update Yo Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update Yo Pranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update Yo Pranbir. Ranbir and Prachi get into a cute banter while they get stuck in the lift. She sings praises of Akshay. She tells that Akshay is so sorted and caring, that she can’t stop thinking of him. He also praises Rhea that she is a caring person and a perfect life partner. They both try to make each other jealous by showing that they aren’t alone and have worthy life partners. Ranbir tells that he won’t tell anything more, or else she may feel bad about his words. She asks if he is going to say something bad. He tells that she is very happy with Prachi, which is a good thing and he is glad that he helped Akshay in proposing to her. She scolds him for helping Akshay. She tells that Akshay should not have proposed to her in front of everyone.

She adds that he did that mistake because of Ranbir’s idea. Ranbir tells that it wasn’t his idea, Akshay didn’t listen to him and proposed to her. He tells that Dida got hyper seeing that proposal and announced Rhea and his marriage. He adds that if Akshay didn’t make that move, then Dida would not have made that announcement. He tells that Prachi was just praising Akshay for being a mature and sensible guy, but he isn’t such. He adds that she deserves a fool like Akshay, who has no sense at all. She gets angry when he belittles Akshay.


He tells that Akshay isn’t smart and understanding, but he is right for Prachi. She tells that Akshay is better than Ranbir. He asks her if she wants to fight with him. She tells that she doesn’t want to fight with him because she has no right and even he has no right to talk to her. She calls his speech nonsense. He tells that he is also not interested to talk to her. He regrets taking the same lift with her. They are stuck in the lift and try to find a way out. Ranbir tells Prachi that she doesn’t need to work now because her boss has become her family.

He adds that he is happy for her, she got someone who she likes. She tells that Akshay is nice, so she likes him, and everyone likes him. He tells that she also likes Akshay. She tells that she likes Akshay like Ranbir likes Rhea. She taunts that Ranbir got what he wanted. He asks what is she saying. She tells that he got Rhea in his life. They vent their frustration at each other. Rhea and Akshay learn about their problem and rush to help them. Akshay wants to save Prachi and also Ranbir. He isn’t aware of their past. Will this situation bring out Prachi and Ranbir’s past in front of Akshay? What drama will follow? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th April 2023 Written Update Yo Pranbir:

Prachi gets Akshay’s call, and Ranbir gets Rhea’s call. Rhea asks Ranbir if is he okay. Prachi tells Akshay that she is okay. Ranbir and Prachi get a big jerk and fall. They drop their phones. Akshay asks Prachi if can she hear him. Rhea tells Dida that she has to go, Ranbir is in a problem and he needs her. Dida smiles that Rhea loves Ranbir so much. Rhea doesn’t tell her that Ranbir’s life is in danger. She rushes out of the house. Dida tells that Rhea is running to Ranbir because she has feelings for him. She is sure that Rhea and Ranbir will get married. Ashok asks Akshay about the alarm.

Akshay tells that the lift is stuck and Prachi is inside. Ashok learns that Prachi is stuck in the lift, and goes to yell at the technician. The technician tells that he didn’t know anyone will go into the lift. Akshay scolds him for not putting the maintenance board outside the lift. He asks him to repair the lift. He doesn’t want anything to happen to Prachi. Akshay gets much worried for Prachi. Ashok finds Akshay’s love for Prachi. Akshay prays for Prachi. He feels guilty that Prachi fell into danger because of him. Ashok wishes Prachi could see Akshay’s concern for her.

He knows Akshay will always keep Prachi before him. He sees a big change in Akshay. He wishes Prachi could see this side of Akshay and understand his love. Akshay tells that Prachi’s phone is not reachable. Ashok tells that she will be fine. He asks Akshay not to lose hope. He encourages Akshay and hugs him. He tells that Akshay’s love will reach Prachi and save her. Ranbir asks Prachi what is inside the box. Prachi remembers that she resigned from her job. She tells that it’s her stuff and she is taking it home. He tells that she doesn’t need to work now because her boss is now family and her future is set.

She asks if he means that she got successful in life because of Akshay. He tells that he didn’t mean that. She tells that Akshay is a professional, and he keeps his personal and professional lives apart. Ranbir understands it. She tells that he can never understand Ashok and Akshay. She praises them for understanding someone’s talent and giving them a chance. He tells that he understood what she wants to explain about Akshay. He tells that she is singing much praise of Akshay. She asks him if he has a problem with it. He tells that he is happy that she found someone she likes.

She tells that he is nice and anyone would like him. He tells that it’s good, she is getting what she wants. She tells that the same way he is getting what he wants, Rhea, and nothing else. Ranbir asks her if she thinks so. She says yes. He tells that Rhea is nice and deserves praise. He praises Rhea for being a sweet and caring person. She tells that she knows Rhea well, Rhea is good for Ranbir and he has chosen her. She adds that Rhea isn’t Prachi. The lift slides down. They both fall inside the lift and hold their hands. They get caring for each other.

Badi Dadi tells that she was worried thinking Rhea has stopped loving Ranbir. She had seen Rhea’s love for Ranbir and her joy when the marriage was announced. She wonders why did Rhea refuse the marriage. Dida is also confused. On the other hand, Sahana and Dadi feel Prachi should accept Akshay’s proposal because he will keep her very happy. Sahana tells that Prachi just cares for Ranbir. Dida tells that Rhea thinks Ranbir loves Prachi and so she refused. She adds that Ranbir and Prachi appeared heartbroken after the announcement, but they aren’t right for each other. Dadi also feels that Ranbir and Prachi aren’t right for each other.

She tells Sahana that this is the truth and they shall accept that their love always brings a storm in their love. She tells that they don’t need love but peace in their lives. Dida tells that Rhea has run to help Ranbir. She learns about the lift issue and tells her sister. Pallavi overhears this and gets worried for her son. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit down because they are getting many jerks. Prachi tells that they got saved. Ranbir tells that Akshay won’t be saved from Prachi, because it’s not easy for anyone to stay with her, she has zero GK and fights always.

He adds that Akshay will call him in two days and tells him how much he is regretting after proposing to her. He tells that Akshay will ask him why did he help him with the proposal. Prachi asks him why did he help Akshay. She tells that she didn’t trouble him. He tells that he swears he didn’t know Akshay is going to propose to her and he helped him. She asks if he would have helped Akshay if he knew about her. He tells that it doesn’t matter. She asks if he likes Rhea. She tells that he can never change. She gets scared. He asks her to keep talking to him and distract her mind. She tells that he is fighting with her. He asks her if he is her enemy.

She tells that she is very happy with Akshay’s proposal. He tells that he is also very happy to move on with Rhea. She asks him to stop talking about Akshay and Rhea. He agrees. She tells that she is feeling claustrophobic. Ranbir tells that Abhi had the same problem and she went on her dad. He asks her to distract herself and think of the best moment of her life. He tells her that she should think of the moment when she felt complete. She recalls Panchi and cries. He asks her what happened to her. She misses Panchi. He asks her if is she okay. She tells that she is missing Panchi, it was her life’s best moment to get Panchi, and she always thinks of her, if Panchi was with them, then she would have been 6 years old. Ranbir is also having the same grief. Prachi tells that Panchi would have called her mumma. She reminds their moments.

They become parents at the very moment and share their sorrow. She tells that their family was perfect, and their Panchi was perfect, but they lose her. She isn’t scared of dying, because she feels all of her family members would meet her when she dies. She wants to meet them because she has nobody with her. She hugs Ranbir and sheds tears. Ranbir consoles her. Rhea reaches the office and asks about Ranbir and Prachi. She learns that they are still stuck inside.

She rushes and finds Akshay there. She asks Akshay about Ranbir and Prachi. He tells that he is speaking to the lift man about a solution. The technician tells that it’s risky but he can try to stop the lift, or else the lift will fall. Akshay tells that he can’t take a big risk, it’s about Prachi and Ranbir’s lives. The man tells that he has no other option. Akshay tells that he will handle everything but nothing should happen to his Prachi. He asks him to do his best. Pallavi calls Rhea. Ranbir consoles Prachi and tells her that he is with her. They have a moment. He tells that he isn’t close to her but he is always with her.

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