Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023 Written Update Rishi confronts Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023 Written Update Rishi confronts Malishka

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023 Written Update Rishi confronts Malishka. Rano tells Shalu and Bani that Neelam will never let this marriage happen, and she will never accept Lakshmi as her Bahu. She adds that Neelam can never accept Rishi and Lakshmi as a couple. Rishi gets drawn towards Lakshmi. He goes to check on her, despite Neelam’s word. He finds Lakshmi sleeping in her room. He feels much love for her and kisses her. Kiran asks Neelam if she has any doubts after witnessing whatever happened today.

She regrets the way Shalu had raised the question of Malishka’s intentions. Neelam says that she had a doubt, but not about Malishka. She suspects Lakshmi’s intentions. Kiran and Sonal are relieved. Sonal tells Malishka that the secret will always be a secret, because if it comes out, then Rishi and Malishka’s relationship might get spoiled. Malishka doesn’t want her relationship to suffer. Rishi confronts Malishka about the night. He asks her if whatever happened between them didn’t happen in real and if was it all a lie. She is shocked by his question. Rishi doubts after recalling her confession.


He asks her to swear on him and tell him the truth if she loves him. Malishka is tense and thinks of some answer to convince Rishi. Neelam asks Lakshmi to leave Rishi’s life. Lakshmi’s unseen side shows a mirror to Neelam. Neelam finds her unlucky. Lakshmi says that Rishi is her Suhaag and he will always be of her. She refuses to leave his life. Keep reading for a full update on Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023.

Radha Mohan:

Mohan visualizes Radha everywhere. Kadambari says that there is nobody there. She asks why are his cheeks turning red. She laughs. Mohan gets blushing. Ketki likes to see his blushing face. Gungun tells Mohan that his cheeks got red, and he is blushing because he is in love with Radha. Mohan falls for Radha. Gungun unites them. Mohan and Radha appear happy.

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th April 2023 Written Update Rishi confronts Malishka:

Neelam recalls Lakshmi’s words. She gets upset that Lakshmi has crossed all her limits. She wants to punish her but spares her because of the festive day. Karishma tells that they should have sent Lakshmi with Rano. Kiran agrees with her. Sonal tells that Rishi and Lakshmi don’t get away. Neelam tells that she didn’t wish to do anything that spoiled her image, if she had thrown Lakshmi out of the house, then the people would have doubted Rishi’s good intentions. She wants the people to call her good and Lakshmi bad. Karishma tells that Neelam is right. Malishka rejoices that her plan worked. She happily jumps on the bed. She recalls the way she had fooled Shalu and Bani. She is thankful to Sonal for pushing her into the pool in time and getting her back to her senses.

She is sure that she didn’t reveal any secret, else the Oberois would have not spared her. She hears footsteps and lies on the bed. Sonia comes to talk to her. She tells that Malishka is a gem, she has kept their respect, unlike that Lakshmi who insulted them. She makes a leave. Malishka loves the way everyone is speaking badly about Lakshmi. She calls the day lucky for her. She wonders who had spiked the thandai. Neelam tells that even if they make Lakshmi away from Rishi, then he won’t be able to stay without her. She wants a permanent solution to make Lakshmi away from Rishi forever.

She tells that she wants to get Lakshmi married. Karishma tells that Lakshmi didn’t marry Aarav. Neelam tells that Lakshmi went to meet Aarav because of them, if she goes out of their house then she won’t get married so soon. She tells that she wants to remove Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. She asks Karishma and Kiran to understand Lakshmi’s plan and defeat her. Kiran understands her plan and praises her. Karishma calls Neelam a genius. Neelam tells that she doesn’t want to hear any praise. She just wants to free her son from Lakshmi’s clutches. She tells that she will make Rishi and Lakshmi away.

Rishi goes to see Lakshmi. He makes her sleep properly. He sees her face and smiles. He kisses her. He leaves her room. Dadi and Virender think about Lakshmi’s words, who had spoken everything from her heart. Virender tells that Lakshmi wasn’t lying. Dadi asks him not to confuse her. She tells that they should do something to find the truth. He tells that they can’t do anything, but just accept the situation. Sonal comes to see Malishka. Malishka tells that she was acting. She hugs Sonal and thanks her for pushing her into the pool at the right time, or else she would have spilled the secrets.

Sonal tells that she pushed her into the pool to get her senses because she understood what Shalu was planning. Malishka tells that if she had told the secret then her marriage would have got canceled. Sonal applauds her for the amazing acting. She tells her that everyone is praising her so much. She reveals what Neelam has told Kiran when the latter asked if she is doubting Malishka. In the flashback scene, Neelam tells that she has a doubt. Kiran defends Malishka who has just spoken the truth.

Neelam tells that she is very sure now. Kiran tells that Malishka can’t do wrong. Neelam tells that she doubts Shalu, Bani, and Lakshmi, who wanted to defame Malishka and make her fall into their sight. She adds that nobody can break her trust in Malishka. Malishka is glad to know this from Sonal. Sonal tells that Neelam will always trust Malishka from now, and Shalu’s plan failed badly. Rano asks Shalu and Bani to accept the truth that they can’t do anything to help Lakshmi. Neha agrees with Rano and tells her that Malishka is very clever and Neelam is on her side.

Rano asks Shalu to let the Oberois get Lakshmi married to some nice guy, or else Lakshmi’s life will be stuck in a middle situation. She understands their plan. She tells that nothing will happen in Lakshmi’s favor, and Neelam will never let Rishi and Lakshmi marry. Shalu gets upset. Malishka tells Sonal that they have to stay alert because Rishi and his family suspect her lie. She tells that Rishi also thinks nothing happened between them. She wants to be careful of Ayush and Lakshmi. Sonal agrees. Malishka tells that she will handle Lakshmi.


  1. Even if Rishi asks Malishka to swear on his life, the content team and the creators will find a way to help Maharani Malishka to save herself. Good work, creators. Hats off from a lifelong student of Literature.
    Carry on.
    Chandrima Chanda


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