GHKPM Virat to die 6th April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Virat to die 6th April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Virat to die 6th April 2023 Written Update Virat proposes to Sai. Pakhi calls him and their moment gets disturbed. Virat gets a duty call. He is informed about the terrorist attack on his cadets. He doesn’t want any innocent lives to suffer. He tells the commissioner that he will reach at the location and save the cadets. He decides to go on the mission. He apologizes to Sai. He tells her that he has to leave for his duty. She asks him to go. He tells that he will come back and talk to her about his life’s most important matter. He doesn’t want to tell her in a hurry. He leaves for his duty. The family learns about the terrorist attack and their demands. They get worried that Virat has gone for the mission and is stuck in a shootout.

They wish that Virat gets glorious and returns home. Bhavani asks Sai did Virat tell her something. Sai tells that he wanted to tell her something, but he got a call from his duty. Bhavani realizes that he couldn’t confess his feelings to Sai. Pakhi asks why was Virat with Sai. Sai tells that they couldn’t talk. Virat sees Sai’s picture and tells that if he returns alive, then he will meet her and confess his feelings to her. He loves her a lot and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Sai is worried for Virat. She wants to know what he wanted to tell her. She is scared for his life. Pakhi wants to know why did Virat meet Sai and what he wants to tell her.


Both Pakhi and Sai try to understand what’s going on in Virat’s mind. The terrorist threatens the young cadets. Virat reaches the location and fights the terrorists. He rescues some of his injured team members. He leads the mission with the backup team. The terrorist asks the police to convey their demands to the government. Sai is stressed about Virat. Satya meets Sai and comforts her worries. She shares her feelings about Virat. She tells him that Virat wanted to talk to her. She regrets that she didn’t speak to Virat well. Satya tells that Virat won’t feel bad about her words.

He adds that they can go and help Virat, and a medical squad would be needed at the site. He asks her if is she ready to do her duty. She agrees and leaves with Satya. Sai informs the family that she is going to help Virat and the cadets. Bhavani learns that Sai is going to reach Virat, and wishes they both come back safely. Pakhi reacts to hearing that Sai is going to Virat. Bhavani asks what problem she has. Pakhi tells that she is glad that Sai is going to protect Virat. She is sure that Virat will have someone to take care of him. She supports Sai. She tells that she wishes to go there, but she can’t go because she has to take care of the kids. Sai prays for Virat. She tells Satya that the situation makes them away from the person they love, but the care always stays the same.

Satya tells her that Virat is brave and nothing will happen to him. Sai tells that she treated Virat when he got hurt on his missions. He tells that Virat and Sai make a good pair. She has a fear of losing Virat. Satya gets reminded of losing his loved ones. Virat tells that he has a good chance to go ahead and kill the terrorists. The seniors ask him to abort the mission and not risk more officers. Virat encourages his team to not get afraid of death. He tells that they will not run away like cowards. He decides to go alone and find out the enemy’s strength. Sai reaches Virat in time. Virat bravely fights the terrorists. He gets shot by them. Sai receives a shock on witnessing this.


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