Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2023 Written Update Twist in jail

Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2023 Written Update Twist in jail

Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2023 Written Update Twist in jail. Karan gets late in arriving at the police station. Rajveer and Palki leave with Preeta at the same time. They step out while Karan steps in. Preeta has lost her memory and doesn’t know about Karan. Karan and Nidhi reach the police station. He learns from the inspector that Shaurya had risked many lives by causing the bus accident just for his fun. Inspector tells that a lady was nearly losing his life. Karan is shocked to know this. A big twist comes when Karan refuses to help Shaurya and get him bailed out. Karan is ashamed of his son’s actions. He asks Nidhi what is she teaching Shaurya and how can she neglect his bad behavior. Nidhi is speechless. She asks Karan to bail out Shaurya, and they will talk to him at home.

Karan tells that his son can’t be like this. He scolds Shaurya for causing the accident. He meets Shaurya and tells him that he will not help him with the bail, Shaurya will be in jail until he meets that lady, apologizes to her, and wins her forgiveness. He tells that only if the lady forgives Shaurya, he will think of arranging the bail. Shaurya and Nidhi are shocked to hear this. Shaurya is helpless to go to that lady and apologize. Shaurya meets Preeta, and they both are surprised to meet once again. Shaurya apologizes to her, and she forgives him because she sees her son in him.


Rajveer is against Shaurya. He tells Preeta that Shaurya can’t change so soon and that she should not forgive him. Preeta has a soft corner for Shaurya. Shaurya too likes her and finds a motherly figure in her. Shaurya gets freed. He tells that Nidhi will not spare anyone. He threatens Rajveer that he will not let him forget his deed. He wants to teach him a lesson. Rajveer wants Shaurya to learn from his mistake and not repeat it. Rajveer misses meeting Karan. Keep reading for a quick update on Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 6th April 2023 Written Update Twist in jail:

Rajveer tells Shaurya that he will give him the knowledge that his elder brother should have given him. Shaurya tells that he doesn’t need any lectures. Rajveer still lectures him. Their argument continues. Inspector asks the constable to shift Shaurya to the other cell. Shaurya tells that Karan will soon come and the police officers will lose their job. Preeta and Palki reach the police station. The media arrives to know the matter. Preeta rushes to Rajveer. He tells the inspector that she is his Maasi. He asks her why did she come. Preeta worries seeing his wounds.

She asks him who has beaten him up. He asks Palki why did she get Preeta. She tells that his actions got his Maasi to the police station. Constable asks him if Palki is his girlfriend. He denies it, just like Palki does. Rajveer tells that Preeta is his Maasi. Preeta tells that he is saying wrong, she isn’t his Maasi but his Maa in Shrishti’s absence. She asks him why did he take an advantage of her love and care, but he didn’t inform her and went out of the house. She scolds him for making Shrishti and her worry so much. Shaurya is put in the other cell. He gets angry with Rajveer. Preeta and Palki worry about his wounds.

Inspector tells that they had arrested the spoilt brat. The media learns that Shaurya Luthra is arrested, he is Karan’s son and he has played with many lives this time. Karan and Nidhi arrive there. The reporters inform him about Shaurya’s crime and ask him what will he do now. Inspector tells Preeta that Shaurya is really spoilt and that she should file a complaint against him. Palki and Rajveer ask Preeta to file the FIR and teach a lesson to Shaurya. Preeta agrees to file the FIR. She goes with the constable. Karan and Nidhi meet the inspector and ask about Shaurya.

Nidhi tells that Shaurya is Karan’s son. Inspector permits them to meet Shaurya. Preeta feels hurt because of a muscle cramp. She stays behind and asks Rajveer and Palki to file the complaint. Karan senses Preeta around. He looks for her but doesn’t see her. Preeta too feels his strong presence. Nidhi meets Shaurya and asks him if is he okay. He asks her to free him from jail. Shaurya tells that he can tell the truth to Nidhi, and he doesn’t need to explain her. He complains about the bus driver, who angered him. He tells that he shouldn’t get punished, its unfair, and Rajveer is doing this for money. She tells poor people to find chances to trap rich people like them. She asks him not to worry, his mom is here and even his dad has come. She looks for Karan. Preeta doesn’t see Karan and leaves from there.

Rajveer looks for Preeta. Palki asks him why is he calling Preeta his Maa. He tells that Preeta loves him a lot, so he calls her Maa sometimes, Maasi is also like Maa. He goes out to look for Preeta. Karan follows Preeta but misses seeing her. Rajveer takes her along. Karan gets Preeta’s anklet there. He keeps it. He goes to meet Shaurya. He doesn’t see Shaurya regretting his actions. He tells that he is ashamed of Shaurya. He asks Shaurya to stay in jail because he deserves it. Nidhi asks Karan to help Shaurya. Karan yells at him for risking people’s lives for his fun. Shaurya tells that it wasn’t his mistake. Karan rebukes him further for never accepting his mistake. Shaurya tells that it’s Karan’s fault for always upsetting him.

Karan asks Nidhi to hear out what her son is saying. He says that Shaurya is blaming him for the accident. He wants Shaurya to learn a lesson and realize his big mistake. Nidhi asks him to try to understand Shaurya. Karan refuses. He asks Shaurya to go and beg the lady who had filed an FIR against him, if she forgives him, then he can come out of jail, else he has no option to get his bail. He warns Shaurya. He asks Nidhi to come, and he is waiting for her in the car. He goes.

Shaurya asks Nidhi if is Karan his dad. He shouts that he hates Karan Luthra. Nidhi assures him that she will get him out of the jail. She asks him to trust her. He says that he trusts her. Rajveer asks Preeta to sign the papers. Preeta signs the form. Rajveer and Palki go from there. Preeta continues to feel strange. She asks the constable about the guy who is responsible for the accident. She tells that she wants to meet him once so that she can show him the right path.

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