1 Upcoming Twist in YRKKH reveals Abhir’s truth

1 Upcoming Twist in YRKKH reveals Abhir's truth

1 Upcoming Twist in YRKKH reveals Abhir’s truth. Abhimanyu misses seeing Abhir’s birth certificate when Akshara submits the necessary documents for the grant application. She is scared that Abhimanyu will see the birth certificate and realize that Abhir is his son when he checks the birth date. She doesn’t want Abhimanyu to snatch Abhir from Abhinav and her. She tells that Abhinav can’t live without Abhir and even she can’t imagine life without him. Her fears get high. She tells that she doesn’t want to lose Abhir. She wants Abhir to get treated soon so that they can take him back to Kasauli. Abhinav and Akshara are worried for Abhir’s life and control their fears.

Abhimanyu relieves them. He performs Abhir’s surgery and saves his life. He assures Abhinav and Akshara that Abhir will never face the same problem again. Dr. Mahajan comes to meet Abhimanyu and Aarohi at the Birla Hospital. Mahima summons him for a case. Aarohi tells Dr. Mahajan that she needs his help in a twin babies case, it’s really complicated and only he can help. Dr. Mahajan gets reminded of Akshara’s case. He tells that he had taken a similar case 6 years back, the mother had twin babies and had lost one, she didn’t know that the other baby survived after the accident, that baby was a miracle baby.


Akshara asks Abhir to fly just like he came into her life in the middle of a storm. She calls him a miracle baby. Dr. Mahajan tells Abhimanyu about the stormy night when he had attended to that lady and delivered her baby. Abhimanyu asks the patient’s name. Dr. Mahajan says she was Mrs. Sharma. Abhimanyu gets suspicious about Abhinav and Akshara Sharma. He gets doubt in his mind and rushes to check Abhir’s documents. Will Abhimanyu learn Abhir’s identity, that the latter is her son? What twists will come with this major revelation? Keep reading for more news and spoilers.


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