Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2023 Written Update Wedding

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2023 Written Update Wedding

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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2023 Written Update Wedding Karishma goes to call Lakshmi. She tells that the guy’s mother has come to meet her, and if she likes her, then the guy will come for the next meeting. Lakshmi meets the guests. Vikrant’s mother tells that she already likes Lakshmi. Ayush tells that the lady likes Lakshmi a lot. The lady tells that Vikrant will like Lakshmi, and she will ask him to finish his meeting and come to meet her. Lakshmi tells that she wants to get married soon and leave the house, so she is ready to meet the guy. Rishi cries and lies that it’s his tears of happiness because he is very happy about Lakshmi’s new start. Keep reading for a full update on Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2023.


Sarkar brings Meet to the family and threatens of killing her. Yashoda takes the gun from his hand and points the gun at Meet. Sarkar asks her to shoot Meet. Meet falls into danger. Manmeet is admitted to the hospital after the deadly attack on him. The family learns that Meet had stabbed Manmeet and tried to kill him. They get angry on Meet and ask her to admit her crime. They can’t tolerate Meet’s crime. Meet tries to defend herself. She tells them that she didn’t do anything. Yashoda doesn’t believe her. She tells that she will kill Meet. Meet asks her to trust her, it’s all a lie and she is innocent. She tells that she just wanted to apologize to Manmeet, but someone stabbed him. Yashoda threatens her.

Shagun reaches there. She provokes the family members against Meet. Manmeet reaches there and stops his family from killing Meet. He comes in between and pushes Yashoda. He falls into Meet’s lap. Yashoda worries for her son. Manmeet tells that Meet didn’t do anything wrong. He protects her. Sarkar asks Manmeet to step aside. Manmeet blocks their way. He asks Mahinder not to do anything to Meet. He makes Meet run away. Sarkar and Yashoda are shocked by his behavior. Manmeet doesn’t know the truth. He tells that Meet had attacked her, but he will forgive her. He faints there. His family asks the doctor to rush Manmeet to the ICU. Meet and Manmeet fall prey to Shagun’s ploy.

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th April 2023 Written Update Wedding:

Vikrant’s mom and Saloni express their wish to meet Lakshmi. Ayush tells that they will show a picture. Vikrant’s mom tells that they will meet Lakshmi later on when Vikrant comes if they have any problem calling Lakshmi. She tells that she has already seen Lakshmi’s photo. Karishma and Neelam ask them to wait, they will call Lakshmi and make them meet. Rano questions Vikrant’s mom about his business. She wants a straight answer. Karishma tells Lakshmi that Vikrant’s mom wants to meet her, if she likes Lakshmi then Vikrant will come to meet her. She asks her to behave well.

Vikrant’s mom praises his vast business. Rano tells that it’s really good. Rishi tells that it’s good to value business and work. Saloni tells that Vikrant balances work and family well. Dadi asks about Vikrant’s elder brother. Saloni tells that he is in the US for work. Virender asks about Vikrant’s dad. Vikrant’s mom tells that he has retired now, he used to work as a bank manager, and he is busy in social service. Rano thinks Vikrant is very rich. She wants to get a lot of money from them once Lakshmi agrees to marry Vikrant. Lakshmi meets the guests. Shalu tries to hinder Lakshmi. Rano asks Lakshmi to greet them well. Saloni hugs Lakshmi. She tells that she will be Lakshmi’s sister.

Vikrant’s mom tells that she likes Lakshmi a lot and wants to make Lakshmi her bahu. Pandit checks Vikrant and Lakshmi’s Kundali and tells them that their marriage will be very auspicious. Vikrant’s mom is glad. Saloni asks them to show Vikrant’s Kundali to their Pandit also. Neelam tells that it’s enough that their pandit has said it. Vikrant’s mom tells that she doesn’t want any confusion to occur. Dadi and Virender agree with her. Rano praises Lakshmi’s culinary skills. Lakshmi serves the food to the guests. Ayush wonders why is this drama happening. He walks out of there. The guests like the food and praise Lakshmi.

Lakshmi tells that she can prepare anything. Ayush tells that Vikrant is strange and the marriage will get canceled. He adds that Vikrant’s family likes Lakshmi a lot and can convince her to marry him. He feels Rishi will stop the marriage. He stays hopeful. Vikrant’s mom tells that she likes Lakshmi, and Vikrant will also like her. She gives her word that the marriage will soon happen. Saloni tells that she feels positive meeting Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi if she will come to their home. Dadi tells that Lakshmi will meet Vikrant and then decide. Vikrant’s mom tells her that she will call Vikrant right away and fix their meeting. She wishes Lakshmi becomes her Bahu. Rishi breaks his silence after the guests leave.

He tells that he isn’t convinced by the guests. He asks them if they had seen Vikrant’s photo, he doesn’t appear right for Lakshmi and this marriage won’t happen. Neelam asks him not to judge Vikrant by his picture. She tells that they should let Vikrant come and meet Lakshmi. Virender tells that Neelam is right. Dadi doesn’t want to rush. Ayush joins the discussion. He tells that they shouldn’t rush. Karishma asks him to mind his language. Ayush tells that they should stay cautious. He adds that he didn’t like Vikrant. Karishma tells that the photo wasn’t clear. Ayush tells that Vikrant looked strange.

Shalu and Bani also agree with Ayush. Sonia asks them to find a nice guy in their chawl and take away Lakshmi. Rishi asks Sonia what’s wrong with her and she always misbehaves with Lakshmi. He lectures Lakshmi. Neelam asks him to mind his language because Sonia is his sister. Rishi stops himself. He tells that Lakshmi is his responsibility and he will not hear a word against her. Lakshmi asks them not to fight because of her. Karishma tells that the argument is happening because of Lakshmi’s marriage issue. Lakshmi tells that she is ready to meet the guy and also get married to him so that she can leave the house soon. Rishi tells that Lakshmi can meet the guy once he meets him and likes him.

Karishma asks him not to question Neelam’s decision for cheap Lakshmi. Rano asks Karishma to control her tongue and remember that Lakshmi was their Bahu before. Neelam tells that they made a mistake and they are still paying for it. Rishi doesn’t want to disrespect them. He tells that he is against this alliance. He explains that he has no problem with Lakshmi’s marriage, but he wants the family to be good, they shouldn’t rush and enquire about things well. He keeps his point clear. Neelam asks him if is he doing a favor to her. Rano tells that she liked Vikrant’s family. Ayush tells that people who act sweet turn out to be bitter.

He asks them to understand. Shalu tells that Vikrant is lacking something so his family deliberately praises him so much. Neelam tells that the matchmaker has taken Vikrant’s guarantee, Lakshmi will meet Vikrant, and the marriage will happen if she likes Vikrant. She asks Rishi to remember that his marriage with Malishka will happen on the decided date. Later, Shalu, Ayush, and Bani are upset that they are failing in their plans. Ayush tells that Lakshmi won’t marry Vikrant, but they should focus on stopping Rishi and Malishka’s marriage.

They worry about Lakshmi’s fate. Lakshmi hears them and asks them not to worry about her fate. She scolds Shalu. Shalu wants Rishi and Lakshmi to marry. Lakshmi tells that it’s not possible. She feels it will be good if she gets married and leaves the Oberoi house. They apologize to her. Ayush tells that they will stop her marriage with Vikrant, and unite her with Rishi. They say that they will stick to their decision.






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