Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir hit

Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir hit

Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir hit Ranbir shares his feelings with Rhea. He tells that he feels terrible like something wrong is going to happen with his loved ones. He doesn’t understand what is this feeling and why he is feeling like that. He tells her that all that he knows is a possibility of a bad happening. She tells him that he is okay, she is okay and everyone at their home is also okay, so he doesn’t need to worry. She asks him to relax. She asks him who is she worried about. Ranbir names Khushi because he had seen her in his morning dream.

He gets worried for Khushi. Balbeer kidnaps Khushi from the temple. Laali and Prachi reach there while looking for Khushi. They are shocked to witness Khushi’s kidnapping. Balbeer and his friends put Khushi inside a sack and dump her into the car. They race the car and leave there. Prachi screams. Laali tells Prachi that she knows all the possible places where Balbeer can take Khushi. She adds that they can go there and find out about Khushi. Prachi and Laali reach the police station to get help.



Shagun had attacked Manmeet by wearing Meet’s face mask. The entire family and Manmeet think Meet is the attacker. Manmeet’s family gets revengeful against Meet. Mahinder asks his goons to find Meet, she should get saved and should be punished for attacking Manmeet. She learns that Sarkar is hunting for her. Manmeet goes home but is heartbroken thinking Meet had stabbed him. Meet swears to find out the real culprit who stabbed Manmeet and framed him. She tells that she can’t live without him.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th April 2023 Written Update Pranbir hit:

Laali asks Prachi to take Khushi’s belongings. Prachi waits for Khushi. The neighbor asks Laali if is she okay. Laali asks about Khushi. The lady says that Khushi is at the temple. Laali asks her to bring Khushi. Prachi tells that she will meet Khushi at the temple and pray for their new start. Laali tells that she will also come and meet Khushi for the last time. Ranbir sees Prachi’s picture and remembers the lovely dream. He gets angered that the dream can never get possible. He feels confused. He doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. He is in a dilemma. He doesn’t even know what he wants in his life.

He tells that he is just thinking of Prachi all the time, he can’t think or feel anything else and he doesn’t know what to do. He hides his tears when the manager comes to show the files. The manager asks him if is he okay. Ranbir tells that he is okay. He sends the manager. Rhea comes to the office to meet Ranbir. She comes across Akshay. He asks her how did she come. She says that she got lunch for Ranbir. He says that he didn’t get such a girl who gets lunch for him. She tells him that he is going to marry Prachi and she would also get lunch for him. He realizes that Prachi didn’t tell Rhea about rejecting his proposal. He thinks he still has a chance and Prachi might marry him. He prays that his wish gets fulfilled.

On the other hand, Balbeer and his friends reach the temple to kidnap Khushi. Prachi and Laali reach there at the same time. They witness Khushi’s kidnapping. Khushi’s friend gets to see the kidnapper. Prachi and Laali run after the kidnapper. Juhi tells her mother about the kidnappers. Balbeer and his friends flee from there. Prachi shouts and asks them to stop. She rushes to find Khushi. Ranbir gets hurt at the same instant as Khushi gets hurt. He screams. Rhea meets him and asks him what’s wrong, why he screamed and what is he thinking. He shows his hand and tells that he touched a nail by mistake.

She tells that it’s a little wound. She asks why did he scream. He tells that he is feeling pain in his heart. He feels a bad omen that his loved one is in big trouble. Prachi gets stuck in the traffic. She shouts at the men. Juhi tells her mum about the tiger tattoo on the kidnapper’s hand. Laali realizes that Balbeer and his friends have kidnapped Khushi. She rushes to stop Prachi from calling the police. Prachi calls the police and informs them about Khushi’s kidnapping. Inspector asks her to come to the police station and file a report. Rhea asks Ranbir what is he saying, who is in danger and what is he trying to explain.

Ranbir tells that he doesn’t know it, and he feels his heart is sinking. She tells that nothing will go wrong, he is okay, she is okay and their family is also okay. He tells that maybe Khushi is in danger. He keeps his mind calm and tells himself that Khushi is okay. She asks him to change his sad face and smile. She asks him to have food, then his mind and tummy will work well. He thanks her for taking much care of him. She smiles seeing him. She asks him to have food, and not keep a sad face. She leaves. Ranbir still feels tense like something wrong is going to occur. Prachi reaches the police station and tells about Khushi’s kidnapping.

Laali hides about Balbeer. Prachi tells that Laali is Khushi’s mother. She adds that Khushi is like her daughter. The neighbor lady thinks why is Laali hiding about Balbeer’s heinous act? Prachi gives the car number. She forwards Khushi’s picture to him. He tells that he will do his best and find Khushi soon. He asks her to calm down and not rush. She is much worried for Khushi. Inspector asks the constable to arrange the temple’s CCTV footage. Balbeer gets glad that Khushi is kidnapped. He wants to sell her and make money. Prachi tells Laali that she doesn’t know who can kidnap Khushi. She asks Juhi if she had seen the kidnapper. Juhi tells that she had seen Shakti uncle there.

The lady tells that Shakti is Balbeer’s friend. Prachi asks Laali to tell her if she knows anything. She tells that Khushi’s life can get in danger. The lady tells Prachi about Balbeer’s attack on Khushi last night. Prachi asks Laali to tell her everything. Laali tells her about the incident. Prachi scolds her for hiding such a crucial matter. She tells that if Laali told this to her before, then she could have saved Khushi. Laali tells that she knows Balbeer’s friends and their location. She doesn’t want to take the police along. She tells Prachi that she will take her there.


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