GHKPM 12th April 2023 Written Update Virat broken

GHKPM 12th April 2023 Written Update Virat broken

GHKPM 12th April 2023 Written Update Virat is crestfallen by Sai’s rejection. Virat tells Sai that she had made him realize his mistake. He thanks her. She tells that she didn’t do any favor to him by forgiving him because she also wanted to come out of the bitter moment when he had supported Pakhi over her. She tells that she wants to forget everything and free herself from the bad memories. He tells that her forgiveness is important to him. He asks her to start afresh and make a beautiful world with him. He confesses his feelings. Sai tells that everything got beautiful in their lives, Vinayak doesn’t hate her and regards her as an angel.

He tells her that she is Vinayak’s mother, and they will explain the facts to their children. He assures that Vinayak will call Sai his mother. Sai tells that Pakhi will be his mother and Virat will be his dad. She doesn’t want to bring any storm into Vinayak’s life. She tells him that she will never break Vinayak’s family. She knows Virat wants to give them a second chance at their relationship. She tells him that she wanted a second chance, to feel the same and stay as his wife when they were married, she just loved him and it was true for her, but now it has changed.


She doesn’t want to break Pakhi and his marriage. She tells that it’s impossible for them to unite. She rejects his proposal. Virat is in shock. She tells that times have changed and now she can’t give him a second chance. She doesn’t want to become his wife. He explains that Pakhi and his relationship is just a namesake. Sai tells that he should explain himself and accept Pakhi. He tells that they both should get back together. Sai doesn’t agree. She tells that she will not snatch someone’s husband. She can’t do a disgusting thing like breaking someone’s marriage. She tells that she doesn’t want to become a second woman. She reminds him that Pakhi caused troubles in their marriage.

She clears that she can’t become Pakhi. She states that she will take Savi and leave the Chavan house. She asks him to meet Savi anytime he wants, and she will come to meet Vinayak, everything will get okay like before, but she can’t give him another chance Virat. He asks her how can she refuse his love. He tells that he loves her, he never loved Pakhi and he has no relationship with Pakhi. He loses his cool when she doesn’t understand. He tells that he can’t accept her rejection. He holds her hand to make her wear the ring. The men play the dhol music. Sai gets angry with Virat and asks him to stop it. Virat shouts at the men and vents anger. He asks them to go out. Sai asks Virat to control himself.

Virat begs her to agree to a new start. She tells that her answer is NO and he has to accept it. She asks him to understand that they can never unite. She tells that he is being selfish, but she can’t be selfish and irresponsible. She leaves him alone. Virat breaks down. He wonders why isn’t Sai understanding him. Sai walks on the road. She nearly meets an accident. Aaba saves her life. She tells him about Virat who wishes to start a new life with her. She has always loved Virat and wished the same before. She doesn’t want to break Pakhi and his marriage. She calls it wrong to become selfish and break someone’s family. She tells that she had rejected Virat’s proposal.

Aaba asks her to decide wisely about choosing the right path. She has to choose her happiness or her principles. She doesn’t walk to snatch Virat from Pakhi. Aaba feels proud of her. He asks her to trust herself. He blesses her. Sai imagines him. She goes home and asks Savi to come with her. Savi refuses to leave Virat and Vinayak. Sai gets dejected while struggling to convince Savi. Savi tells that they can stay in Virat’s house. Sai replies that it’s not possible, because Virat is now married to Pakhi. Vinayak learns about Sai’s leaving. He tries to convince her to stay back. Bhavani informs Virat that Sai is leaving the house. She asks him to come home immediately and stop Sai.


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