Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update Khushi in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update Khushi in danger

Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2023 Written Update Khushi in danger. Prachi finds Khushi in danger. She witnesses Khushi getting kidnapped. She begs the goons to leave Khushi free. Khushi shouts to Prachi and asks her to save her. Prachi asks the goons to stop. Ranbir senses something happened to Khushi and gets scared by the thought of losing her. Ranbir learns about Khushi’s kidnapping. He scolds Shakti on call. He asks Shakti to leave Khushi free. He tells that Khushi is his daughter and if anything happens to her, then he will not leave any of the goons alive. He adds that if Shakti leaves Khushi free, then he will get saved. He threatens Shakti.

Laali, Prachi, and the neighbor lady reach Balbeer’s place to find Khushi. Balbeer is at some godown, while they reach his house. Prachi misses finding Khushi. Balbeer tells that he will not spare Khushi. He shoots down Khushi in rage. Prachi and Laali are left in shock. How will Ranbir and Prachi save Khushi’s life? Watch the latest promo below. Keep reading for a quick update on Kumkum Bhagya 12th April 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan asks Radha if will she give him something he asks for. She asks him what he wants. He asks her to stop going to the office. She asks the reason. He tells that he has some bad memories of that office. She asks what is he talking about. Damini tells her mum that Tulsi couldn’t enter her cabin for a reason that only Gurumaa can tell them. Tulsi asks who is Gurumaa. She wants to meet Damini’s Gurumaa and find out the secret. Mohan shares his sorrow with Radha. He tells her that Tulsi doubted Damini and that the latter is trying to break Tulsi and his relationship. He revisits the past and tells Radha how Damini had caused damage to his marriage. He weeps and misses Tulsi. Damini tells that she had killed Tulsi. Mohan tells Radha about the unfortunate day when he lost Tulsi.

The goons threaten Khushi. She shouts for help. Shakti asks her not to make any noise. She says that she knows him. He tells that he didn’t come to save her. He goes to meet Balbeer. Balbeer stays away from Khushi’s sight. Shakti asks him what’s the plan and why isn’t he coming in front of Khushi. Balbeer tells that he isn’t scared of her, he has to sell Khushi and fix the deal. He wants to know how much money they will get for Khushi. Khushi tries to run away. Ranbir doesn’t know what is happening to him. He continues to feel tense and restless. Khushi hides from the goons. Ranbir calls the doctor and tells him about his restlessness and anxiety. Khushi calls up Ranbir, while he is busy on another call.

Ranbir tells that he is getting a call and he will call him back. He takes Khushi’s call. Khushi cries and asks Ranbir to save her. He asks her if is she okay. She tells him that she got kidnapped. He is shocked to know this. He asks what is she saying. She tells that a few bad goons have kidnapped her. He can hear the kidnappers shouting. She tells that she got hidden to make a call. He tells her that she is strong, and that he will come there and save her. He tells her that he loves her a lot.

He explains what will happen next. He tells that even if she gets caught by the goons, he will come and save her. He asks her to just look around and tell him what she can see. Goon catches her. She tells Ranbir about the tiger tattoo on the goon’s hand. She shouts to describe the place to Ranbir. Shakti finds her phone there. He sees the call connected. Khushi shouts for help. Shakti speaks to Ranbir. Ranbir threatens him and asks him to leave Khushi free. He adds that it won’t be good for him if he doesn’t leave Khushi. Shakti laughs and breaks the phone. Ranbir gets panicking. He feels more anxious.

The goons find someone at the door. They hide Khushi. Balbeer tells that he will check. Prachi, Laali, Juhi, and her mom reach Balbeer’s house and finds it vacant. Balbeer meets his friends. He asks the goon to tie up Khushi and not make any mistakes. The goons put Khushi in the sack. Khushi wishes Ranbir comes and finds her. Prachi asks Laali why isn’t anyone there. They look for Khushi. Laali tells that they can’t go to Balbeer’s stepbrother who is very dangerous and hates Balbeer. Prachi tells that he can help them. She learns that he is a murderer, he is so dangerous that nobody dares to meet him.

Prachi is ready to take the risk. She tells that she will drop Juhi and her mom home. Khushi asks for water. Shakti tells that they shouldn’t help her. Balbeer comes and asks what is he trying to say. Shakti asks Balbeer to pay him money for his work. Balbeer tells that he will pay him and forget their friendship. Ranbir tries to find Khushi. He swears to not spare the kidnappers. He meets his friend and tells him about Khushi’s kidnapping. He wants to track Khushi’s phone and find her location.

Shakti tells Balbeer that he has to give a piece of advice. He wants to become a partner. Khushi is brought out of the sack and given water. She finds her phone there. Goon picks up the phone. He scolds her and puts her back into the sack. Balbeer tells that Khushi might have told the person on a call about the godown, she is much clever and she would give a hint to that person. He doubts if she had called Ranbir. He tells that Ranbir is mad for Khushi and loves her a lot.

Ranbir and his friend reach the latter’s office. His friend tells that he lost his laptop. Ranbir tells that he needs to track Khushi’s location. He doesn’t want to go to the police and take their help, because they take a lot of time. He tells that he is running short of time. He asks him to help him. He finds the laptop in the washroom and asks why he keeps the laptop there. His friend tells that he was in the washroom when Ranbir called him and forgot the laptop there. He tracks Khushi’s location. Ranbir worries for Khushi.


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